Skillshare Premium Free Account Subscription [7 TIPS]

The frequent question while using Skillshare comes up is the access to the Skillshare premium Free account.

First of all, Skillshare is the leading platform for both students and teachers for real-world skills. These skills pass on by the project-based classes. The projects are delivered via presentation or audio-video classes. People who want to improve their skills can get connected through this portal and access the benefits. 

The question that arises is how to access the free premium account of Skillshare and start learning free. Moreover, it is important to go through the procedure and work before buying any premium account if you can understand them then only invest your money.

There are 7 different way to access Skillshare Premium Free Account

1. To access the Skillshare Premium account 30 Days Free Trial

Skillshare 1 month free trial

The best way to access the Skillshare premium for free is by taking advantage of their free trials.

Skillshare website provides only a 1-week free trial subscription, if you want to take advantage and access the trial for One Month then you can use this exclusive link.

The premium trial gives you access to 24000+ courses, training, and access to smartphone apps. plus there are no hidden contracts or fees or catches. Users can cancel their contracts whenever they want in between these two weeks.

Firstly you can easily activate the Skillshare Premium account by purchasing the account and get access to 1 Month free trial. Secondly, You can deactivate the premium purchases once you complete your classes.

[Note: 2 months Trial offer has expired.]

you can use this link to access the premium account for 30 days. As a trial period, users cannot use the account indefinitely. But those who want to give it a try can surely go through the links and access the premium account.

2. Apply for Skillshare Scholarships

The second way to apply for free access to the skillshare premium account is by applying for a scholarship. If you want to access the account for free or 50% less amount to use you can go this way.  

skillshare premium scholarship for student

There are two types of scholarships available on the site 

There are two scholarships provided by the Skillshare website. The first one is for the students and the other is for those who need financial assistance. 

Applying for a Scholarship you need to have a .Edu/ university mail id to access the scholarship. Skillshare distributed $500,000 worth of discount as a celebration for reaching 500,000 students.

For the one applying for financial assistance, the access is free for a year long. You are eligible to use the services for the whole year.

If you want to apply for the scholarship you can head over to the Scholarship page.

3. Enter challenge to access Skillshare free account

This is a unique way to access a skillshare account for free by accepting challenges. The challenges differ from each other. This way you can win money by completing the challenges and using them to access the account. However, you can access these challenges whenever they are available.

The question that arises is how these challenges work

Each challenge differs from one and another. While the challenges are slightly different from each other they use the same thread that is to motivate users to create a course on the platform.

For example one of the challenges known as the October challenge where users had to take a course and have to send one premium referral and should have 30 minutes of watch time on the course. If someone fulfills all the conditions they are given a free 12 months premium trial to claim.

There is also a probability to win $1000 for those who complete the challenge. users can also earn money through their course.

Moreover, the challenges are updated every now and then so you need to keep an eye on them. You can head over to the challenges page.

4. Be a Teacher Assistant

skillshare teacher assistant

If you want a longer period to gain access to Skillshare premium account without coupons and codes then you can become a teacher assistant. This is an awesome offer to avail.

As the name suggests functioning to become a teacher assistant you need some work to gain free access to a premium account.

In this paragraph, you will learn about how to become a teacher assistant and access the skillshare account for free. You can become a teacher assistant to access a free skillshare premium account. This way you need to do work while being a teacher assistant is 

  1. Take classes on the behalf of the teacher and share projects via video portals.
  2. Give your feedback to students and start having discussion on portal. 
  3. You have to see the technical issue and misconduct if any.
  4. Participate in other contests to support the community.

You have to perform the task mentioned above. In return, you will get premium access and also a long access period as long as you are a TA or there is a TA badge on your Skillshare account. And also you get the first access to updates and news.

5. Referring to your friends

skillshare refer a friend

This option is for those who are surrounded by passionate learners. skillshare provides a refer to a friend program from which you can have advantages.

Firstly you just need to share with your friend the referral code once they log in to the Skillshare website. Secondly, they need to pay for the Skillshare premium account access you will get one-month free access to use skillshare premium account. This way you both get benefitted via one platform. 

6. Trying the basic version of Skillshare for free

The basic version of skillshare provides over 2400+ courses which are great if you want to learn and develop new skills you can surely try them and get access. You just have to sign up for the account and enjoy the basic amenities provided by the skillshare.  

All you have to do is to sign up for the free account and then filter out the courses that are provided free on the site. This way you can find some awesome courses for free.

To find the free courses you can go to the filter option, select free and you will get the list. No Skillshare coupons or discount code is needed to avail of this offer.

7. Free access link

For the users who don’t want to apply the Skillshare discount code or coupon, there are “free access link” to get skillshare premium.

In this system, Skillshare teachers provide secret links to their potential students to make them stay on the platform. The link can give free access for 1-6 months.


You can always try the method above to access the free Skillshare Premium account and develop your skill and make them more advanced with the team of certified trainers via presentations.

Hope this article has helped you with the basics about the free Skillshare account subscription.

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