50 Easy & Simple Arabic Mehndi Design 2024

Simple Arabic Mehndi Design

The Art of Arabic Mehndi is among our country’s most perceived. Applying mehndi on the hands and sometimes on the feet is the tradition of Indian culture. Mehndi is a particular part of weddings, festivals, and special occasions. Mehndi makes the women’s hands look prettier and the beautiful patterns of Mehndi enhance the beauty even more. Mehndi also has medicinal value as it works as an antiseptic and reduces stress.

Here, We have listed various stylish patterns of Arabic Mehndi Designs. The latest Arabic mehndi designs have bold finishing and sharp endings. These designs are easier to apply both on hands and feet.

50 Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

1. Single Trail Arabic Mehndi Design

Single Trail patterns are the most simple and popular Arabic Mehndi Designs. The trail starts from the end of the wrist and ends at the tip of the finger. The beautiful flower in the middle connects the finger and wrist pattern.

Single Trail Arabic Mehndi Design

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2. Rangoli Arabic Mehndi Design

This mehndi pattern is for the back of the palm. This mehndi design has a round rangoli-type pattern. The rangoli design represents the happiness of the arriving festival and the joyous occasions. There is also some detailing on the fingers to enhance the design pattern.

Rangoli Arabic Mehndi Design

3. Minimalist Arabic Mehndi Design

This Arabic design has beautiful flower patterns and uses the least amount of mehndi. This design is different and unique; the flower and vine patterns spread through the fingers to the wrist.

Minimalist Arabic Mehndi Design

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4. Peacock Arabic Mehndi Design

The Peacock Arabic design is a mixture of Indian and Arabic patterns. It gives a very stylish yet traditional look. These designs have the artistic representation of the peacock, an auspicious symbol. This mehndi design is perfect for applying to festivals or wedding celebrations.

Peacock Arabic Mehndi Design

5. Flowery Arabic Mehndi Design

The flowery Arabic Mehndi Design has two beautiful patterns. It has a net-type design, starts from the little finger, goes to the wrist, and has beautiful flowery borders. The other part of the design is made on the index finger with the same flower pattern and net design.

Flowery Arabic Mehndi Design

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6. Bohemian Arabic Mehndi Design

The Bohemian design is very simple and stylish. It has knuckle ring patterns to enhance the beauty of fingers, and the exquisite design on the back of the palm represents the petals of a flower.

Bohemian Mehndi Design

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7. Sun & Leaves Trail Arabic Mehndi Design

This is a stylish yet simple Arabic mehndi design. It is a mixture of a string of leaves with a checked pattern with a feel of the sun in the design. This design will look fabulous on the hands of bridesmaids.

Sun & Leaves Trail Arabic Mehndi Design

8. Back Flower Arabic Mehndi Design

The design starts from the back of the middle finger, creating a very beautiful flower design in the middle of the back of the palm and connecting the design to the end of the wrist. The beautiful flower in the middle enhances the beauty of the Arabic mehndi design.

Back Flower Simple Mehndi Design

9. Wrist Band Arabic Mehndi Design

In this mehndi design, the pattern is made on the wrist, giving the illusion of wearing a beautiful bracelet. The wrist Band design is the new trend in simple mehndi designs. All the mehndi patterns are connected to the design on the wrist to make it look ravishing.

Wrist Band Arabic Mehndi Design

10. Flower Vine Arabic Mehndi Design

Flower Vine design covers all the parts of the hand, keeping the palm’s centre clean. This mehndi design looks elegant and is a beautifully detailed mixture of flower, vine and net patterns.

Flower Vine Arabic Mehndi

11. Rounded Flowers Arabic Mehndi Design

This Arabic Design is a mixture of a rounded flower pattern and wristband design, which makes it totally unique and attractive. The fingers get filled with rounded flower patterns and connect to the wristband.

Rounded Flowers Arabic Mehndi Design

12. Connecting Dots Arabic Mehndi Design

This simple Arabic mehndi design mixes flowers, leaves, net patterns, and connecting dots. The connecting dots in the design are the centre of attraction of this Arabic mehndi design. The mesh design on the fingers adds extra beauty to it.

Connecting Dots

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13. Knuckle Rings Arabic Mehndi Design

This is the latest addition to the simple Arabic mehndi designs, which look glamorous and will be the best for bridesmaids this wedding season. The flower designs are simple and beautiful, with a touch of wristband pattern.

Knuckle Rings Arabic Mehndi Design

14. Flower & Leaves trail Arabic Mehndi Design

This is the latest design, this design is created with flower and leaf patterns with a minimal look. It has different designs on all the fingers, which makes it look stylish. The string of leaves connects with the centre of the flower.

Flower & Leaves trail Mehndi Design

15. Jaal on fingers Arabic Mehndi Design

This Arabic mehndi design has a delicate pattern of net design on the fingers with the leaves or flower designs complementing it. The design does not cover the whole hand and gives space for the design to outshine.

Jaal on fingers Arabic Mehndi Design

16. Arabic Mehndi Design for Ankle

The combination of flower patterns and a string of leaves looks elegant on the ankle. The mehndi design outlines the beauty of the ankle. This design can be made both on the shoulder and ankle.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Ankle

17. Thick Arabic Mehndi Design

The thick and large designs look traditional and cover most of the hands. It will be the best design for full hands and suits wedding occasions. The mixture of flower patterns leaves a trail, and circular half-sun designs define the auspicious occasion and happiness.

Thick Arabic Mehndi Design

18. Full Coverage Peacock Arabic Mehndi

This mehndi design represents the beauty of a peacock. The feathers of the peacock spread around the fingers and the head of the peacock on the end of the palm, the addition of a heart on the side of the peacock head enhances the elegance.

Full Coverage Peacock Arabic Mehndi

19. Designer Arabic Mehndi

This designer mehndi design is for full hands and looks ravishing. It has a modern, elegant look with a touch of nature through the beautiful flower and leaf pattern.

Designer Arabic Mehndi

20. Simple Bel Arabic Mehendi Design

Like most other Arabic designs, it also starts from the tip of the finger and ends at the wrist. The design consists of a flower pattern in a circular design with a trail of leaves that gives it an elegant and modern look.

Simple Bel Arabic Mehendi Design

21. Modern Arabic Mehndi

This Arabic design is a mixture of modernity and tradition. This mehndi design also gives the feel of a tattoo. You can apply this design when you want to apply Mehndi but don’t want all that traditional vibe.

Modern Arabic Mehndi

22. Chained Ring Arabic Mehndi

This design of Mehndi is very simple and easy to apply. The centre of attraction is the flower in the middle and it gets connected to all the fingers through the dotted design, and the pattern made on the fingers looks like knuckle rings.

Chained Ring Arabic Mehndi

23. Geometric Arabic Mehndi

The geometric Arabic design has an Indian touch, as the geometric patterns on the back palm’s centre represent the happy household. The straight-line designs filled with smaller patterns make it look attractive and unique.

Geometric Arabic Mehndi

24. Centre Flower Arabic Mehndi

This design is simple and elegant at the same time. This design has a floral design at the centre, a minimal design around the fingers, and a trail of dots connecting the flower to the ring finger.

Centre Flower Arabic Mehndi

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25. Latest Arabic Mehndi  Design

The latest design is unique and different from the other Arabic Mehndi designs. The whole design has different types of patterns and designs complementing each other. The flower is made at the bottom of the design, the leaves trail connecting it to the other flower, and a straight, circular flower pattern reaching the tip of the little finger.

Latest Arabic Mehndi  Design

26. Bridal Arabic Mehndi

The filled and detailed Arabic mehndi design can be applied as a bridal design. The Arabic mehndi design will be an excellent choice for brides who don’t want to fill with the traditional delicate mehndi design.

Bridal Arabic Mehndi

27. Stylish Arabic Mehndi  Design

The stylish Arabic mehndi design looks stylish and modern. The design is made with a floral design, a trail of dots, a small leaves pattern, and a knuckle ring design on the fingers. All these, together with delicate details, look ravishing and stylish.

Stylish Arabic Mehndi  Design

28. Traditional Arabic Mehndi  Design

The traditional Arabic mehndi designs are perfect for festivals and celebrations like engagement parties or Roka ceremonies. The design is not complicated and easy to apply.

Traditional Arabic Mehndi  Design

29. Wrist Band Arabic Mehndi  Design

The wristband design is modern and stylish. This simple mehndi design will be best for you to attend your friend’s wedding.

Wrist Band Arabic Mehndi  Design

30. Arabic Mehndi Design For Feet

The design looks elegant and modern and can be applied on hand. The floral design represents the bride’s beauty, and the patterns add a touch of modernity.

Arabic Mehndi Design For Feet

31. Creative Peacock Arabic Mehndi Design

This mehndi design shows a traditional peacock design with beautiful feathers spread across the palm; the design represents the happiness of the occasion as the peacock spreads its wings when they are happy.

Creative Peacock Arabic Mehndi Design

32. Middle Finger Arabic Mehndi Design

The most beautiful part of this mehndi design is its straight-line pattern. The design starts from the tip of the middle finger and straightly ends at the wristband. The design is similar on the finger, wrist, and middle of the back palm.

Middle Finger Arabic Mehndi Design

33. Dotted Flowers Arabic Mehndi  Design

The design looks very pretty with the hanging flower and loose stings like dotted trails. All the strings connect at the ring finger. The other fingers are left blank to highlight the ring finger design.

Dotted Flowers Arabic Mehndi  Design

34. Criss Cross Dots Arabic Mehndi  Design

The criss-cross dots mehndi design looks gorgeous with the loose dotted strings pattern. The minimal look of the Arabic design makes it look more elegant and beautiful.

Criss Cross Dots Arabic Mehndi  Design

35. Half-Hand Arabic Mehndi  Design

The half-hand mehndi design is perfect for engagement or the Roka ceremony. This mehndi design covers half of your hand and lets your ring outshine. It has a net design with the flower in the centre on the back of the palm with a beautiful circular floral design made on the little and index finger.

Half-Hand Arabic Mehndi  Design

36. Index Finger Bel Arabic Mehndi  Design

This simple mehndi design has a flower pattern on the index finger and wristband connected by the dot trail. The other fingers are left blank to make the index finger the highlight of the design.

Index Finger Bel Mehndi  Design

37. Shaded Arabic Mehndi  Design

The shaded Arabic designs look glamorous and modern. The floral design adds elegance and would be an excellent mehndi design for the bridesmaids. It only covers one side of the hand and leaves the other blank, making the design outshine.

Shaded Arabic Mehndi  Design

38. Ring Like Double Loop Arabic Mehndi Design

This simple ring-like design looks very stylish and modern. The double loop is connected to the middle finger and little finger. The fingers have small circular designs and both finger design connected with a necklace-like dotted pattern looks ravishing.

Ring Like Double Loop Mehndi Design

39. Small Heart Arabic Mehndi Design

This design is specially made for the engagement or Roka ceremony, as it highlights your ring finger. The small hearts made in the design look very elegant.

Small Heart Arabic Mehndi Design

40. Reverse Chakra Arabic Mehndi Design

The reverse chakra design is modifying a common modern design with some changes. The floral circle at the wrist connects with fingers through the dotted trail, filling the finger with detailed intricate patterns.

Reverse Chakra Arabic Mehndi Design

41. Chained & Dotted Easy Arabic Mehndi

This mehndi design has a beautiful loose dotted string-like pattern connecting the index finger to the little finger. This design will look very pretty in the hands of small girls.

Chained & Dotted Easy Arabic Mehndi

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42. Minimum Round Flower Arabic Mehndi Design

This minimalist design has a bracelet-type look. There are two small daisy flowers made, one above the wrist and the other below the wrist; there is a beautiful leaves trail wristband connecting to the upper flower.

Minimum Round Flower Mehndi Design

43. Minimalist Bohemia Arabic Mehndi

The minimalist bohemian design on the fingers gives a stylish look. This is a simple Arabic mehndi design, easy to make and with minimum patterns.

Minimalist Bohemia Arabic Mehndi

44. Floral Tattoo Arabic Mehndi Design

You can decorate the back of your hand with a small floral design that looks like a tattoo. You can also design this on the arm, ankle, or back of your shoulder.

Floral Tattoo Arabic Mehndi Design

45. Urban Arabic Mehndi Design

The minimalist design only on the fingers, leaving the palm blank gives a very elegant and modern look. The knuckle ring design made on the fingers looks very stylish.

Urban Arabic Mehndi Design

46. Indo-Western Arabic Mehndi Design

The Indo-Western design looks very cool and stylish. The detailed design has a floral leafy pattern connection throughout the hand. This design is perfect for every occasion.

Indo-Western Arabic Mehndi Design

47. Bold Arabic Mehndi Design

This Arabic design is made with bold strokes and outlines. The dots, patterns, and floral designs are bold and stand out.

Bold Arabic Mehndi Design

48. Peacock Leaves Arabic Mehndi Design

The beautifully detailed leaf starts from the tip of the index finger and spreads around the side of the thumb, down to the wrist. This design looks very elegant and glamorous and perfect for every occasion.

Peacock Leaves Arabic Mehndi Design

49. Dotted Arabic Mehndi Design

This design is the perfect blend of Indian and Arabic design. There is a beautiful bird made in the middle of the palm and a lotus on the other palm; other than that, the whole hand has a net pattern with small dots. This is the gorgeous bridal mehndi design.

Peacock Leaves Mehndi Design

50. Glittery Arabic Mehndi Design

The mehndi design can also be decorated with sparkles and stones. This is a beautiful design for every hand.

Glittery Arabic Mehndi Design

These 50 easy and simple Arabic mehndi designs are for every occasion and festival. You can choose your favourite from the list.