Best Mehndi and Makeup ideas for Karwa Chauth

Mehndi and Makeup are the two basic needs for Karwa Chauth. As we all know, Karwa Chauth is around the corner. It is an auspicious day celebrated by married women for the long life of their husbands. The day is full of happiness and getting ready—the woman dress and fasts for the whole day.

What is better than stepping up your Makeup and Mehndi game this year? It is important to look good, especially when the whole day is for you. Makeup and Mehndi are the basic styling component of your look.

Mehendi is also considered bodingly for married women, so women must apply Mehendi as this is an important tradition attached to Karwa Chauth. Makeup is something that gives you more confidence and a radiant face. It adds sparks to your face. Makeup steps up your looks and gives that extra glow and edge. It is important to know both the mehndi design you will prefer and makeup tricks to save time on both.

Mehndi Design Idea for Karwa Chauth

Developing some interesting ideas and creative designs for your Mehendi is important. The stain should look beautiful and dark. It does happen using the chemical Mehendi cones; one may get the colour for two to three days. Then, the stain stars fade off or rip away, leaving strands like residue.

Always go for herbal mehndi cones, which don’t leave that dark stains and leave a natural colour. Make sure you purchase a herbal cone. Remember what kind of Mehndi design you will choose according to your preferences. You can see more Mehndi designs here.

karwa chauth mehndi design
Image: Coupongod

Best Makeup Hacks and Tricks for Karwa Chauth (Day and Night)

As discussed above, Makeup gives an edge to your looks. Also, this will be a budget series. It will help you make a kit in the budget that will be multipurpose for you. You have a variety of options to play and create a look with. This makeup guide will help you to choose the perfect Makeup for this Karwa Chauth.

Makeup Kit for Karwa Chauth

It is important to have a basic makeup kit for yourself. The basic makeup kit should have a foundation concealer. A palette will solve the purpose of eyeshadow, blush, contour, and highlighter—also, the setting powder and lipstick.

  • Always choose a foundation that does the same as your skin shade. Go for the mini sizes or tubes to see how they perform before insisting on full sizes. You can choose fit me and Wet and Wild for an affordable side foundation. Both of the foundations you can find at a discount.
  •  For concealers, always go for one or two shades lighter than your skin tone so that it helps brighten up your under-eye. For affordable side concealer, you can go for Swiss Beauty concealer. They perform great, and also, Maybelline fit me concealer.
  •  For blush contour and highlighter, choose a versatile palette. It will not just save you money but also will give you multiple uses for it. You can go for Swiss beauty eyeshadow palettes or makeup revolution for pallets.
  •  Setting powder is just as you need to lock the base with the powder so that nothing cakes up and looks patchy. The suggestion for setting powder is Maybelline fit me compact or loreal setting powder.
  •  For the lipstick, you can go for red lipstick for the night, and for the day, you can go for a nude shade according to your skin shade. You can also go for MaybellineMiss Claire, and other lipstick brands.

Karwa Chauth Makeup Look for Daytime

For daytime, go subtle with your face base so that it doesn’t look over and made up.

  • Apply foundation in a less amount to give an even face tone.
  •  Set the face with setting powder.
  •  Apply a bit of blush on your cheeks and a little bit on the nose.
  •  Make your brows, apply mascara, and Kajal if you want.
  •  Finally, apply nude lipstick.
karwa chauth makeup look
Image: Coupongod

You don’t need anything more than this for the daytime; a little highlighter can work max to max; overall, this is good.

Night Time Makeup Look for Karwa Chauth

  • This time, go a bit more with the foundation and make it a full coverage base.
  •  Apply concealer under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and forehead. Blend the concealer properly using a beauty sponge.
  •  Set the face with setting powder and set the foundation and concealer.
  •  Take blush and apply them on your cheeks and blend them. Blush is important as fasting the whole day will result in a paler face. To give your face a flush of pink, you need a pink blush or any colour blush that suits your skin tone.
  •  For eyeshadow, apply a brown shade on the lid, blend it, and then apply golden eyeshadow to give a spark.
  •  Apply kajal, mascara, and a liner and make your brows. Remember your brows as they sculpt your face.
  •  Apply red lipstick and complete the look by applying a indoor.
Karwa Chauth heavy makeup
Image: Coupongod

During the night, you can go for a heavy look at Karwa Chauth.

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