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2 Months FREE with Annual WordPress Plan
WPX Hosting 2 Months FREE with Annual Managed WordPress Plan in 2021. Get lots of Free features with your hosting. WPX Hosting Benefits - All Plans include FREE 30 Second Average Live Chat ...
Get 50% OFF on First Month WordPress Hosting Plan
Get flat 50% off on any WordPress hosting plan. This offer is valid on a monthly plan only. The offer is valid for new user only. Use our exclusive coupon code to avail of this offer.
WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2022: 4 months Free on Yearly Plan & 3 Months at the Price of 1
Looking for the best WPX Hosting Black Friday deals 2022? This year, they're offering four months free on their yearly plans, and three months at the price of one on their monthly plans. ...
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WPX Discount Code for February 2023

About WPX.net

WPX Hosting has been the leader in providing the best service in Managed WordPress Hosting services. It is the fastest hosting service provider with skills and prolonged experience in managed hosting. WPX.net was founded in 2013, offering features that are easy to use, reliable, and affordable. It has been used by many experts and is one of the best Hosting providers with several features. WPX.net specializes in WordPress Hosting to offer high-performance and high-traffic blogs for your website.  They also provide you with full security and support with their hosting.

Why Choose WPX Hosting?

WPX average response time 30 seconds

Unlike other companies, WPX doesn’t spend a lot of money on marketing but still provides the best services to generate traffic on your website. WPX Hosting is new in the market but they already have a set of hosting plans that provide high-quality services which make WPX rank above most of the hosting providers. You can generate good traffic on your website and use multiple hosting websites using the same plan. Below are some of the features that make WPX Hosting the best WordPress hosting provider.

Why is WPX Hosting Best for You?

wpx fastest award winning host

There are a lot of features that WPX provides to make your hosting experience way better than others. So, let’s the features we get from WPX Hosting which makes it the best.

1. Faster Website Loading Time

One of the best features of WPX Hosting is that it provides the maximum speed which makes it easier for the user to operate it. The speed of the website is very crucial to generate more traffic on your website. The WPX Hosting just takes about 2-3 seconds to load the website, apart from that it takes only about 2 seconds to load the page. If you want high-speed performance then WPX Hosting is the correct choice for you. You no longer need to worry about speed when you host your website on WPX.

2. Free Site Migration

WPX Hosting provides you with unlimited migration that you can easily use by creating a ticket on WPX, they will migrate your website within a few hours and free of cost. This is also an amazing feature of WPX Hosting and is like by many. You also don’t need to worry about the loss of traffic on your website and downtime. WPX’s business plan offers 5 websites and also 5 migrations, entirely free with the plan.

3. Free Daily Backup and 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

WPX Hosting offers a free daily backup facility, unlike other hosting providers. You can fully trust WPX and your website is safe with them and is always available to the user. This free backup comes with every plan of WPX Hosting to keep your data safe and secure. The backup will be made every day inside your dashboard and is stored in different servers to keep it safe. They also offer an uptime guarantee so your website will always be working and there is very little probability of downtime.

4. Free SSL Certificate

WPX Hosting allows you to get a free SSL Certificate which means your website is protected from online hacking and spam. They provides a free SSL with all its plans. SSL is end-to-end encrypted between the user and the server. So, your data is well protected with WPX Hosting. You can also renew your SSL Certificate before the old one expires. Once you have done your renewal, you will receive an email for the same.

5. Free Email Setup

With WPX Hosting you can create your domain email account. You are also free to create as many email addresses as you want and store them as per your need. This is also an amazing feature provided by WPX Hosting.

6. Custom Hosting Dashboard

WPX Hosting doesn’t use the regular Cpanel. They have their hosting dashboard, designed to make it easier for new users to navigate it without any difficulty. WPX Hosting allows you to manage all through the dashboard. The dashboard includes the following options:

  • Service Details: You can view your plan and other details like the billing, FTP details, and many more.
  • Website/SSL: You can manage your website, add or remove content from your hosting. SSL is also available in this setting.
  • Database: You can import and export your data easily from here without any problem.
  • Email Boxes: You can manage your email account from here.
  • FTP User: Here you will find your FTP details.
  • File Manager: Here you can manage your files.
  • Backups: To secure your data, you can download your backups from here.
  • WPX Cloud CDN: They provide free WPX Cloud CDN with every plan. You can enable it from this setting and get its benefits.

7. WPX Hosting recommends W3 Total Cache

They also recommend the W3 Total Cache plugin to make your content faster on the web. This is even confirmed by the WPX Hosting team.

8. WPX Hosting listed in Top Performer on Signal Test

According to the signal test, WPX Hosting has a good response time of 184ms. The signal test also proves that WPX is a great site for WordPress hosting.

Pros of WPX Hosting

  • It offers high-quality service with high-performance website hosting.
  • 24/7/365 customer support. They take only 30 seconds on average to respond to the customer.
  • It has its own WPX Cloud CDN. It makes your website faster and secures your data.
  • Affordable plans that are better than other WordPress hosting providers.
  • Free website migration (up to 5 with a business plan) in very little time.
  • Free SSL Certificate with every plan.
  • Free daily backups to secure your data.
  • Free daily malware removal service.

Cons of WPX Hosting

  • WPX Hosting provides limited bandwidth. You can check it from the WPX dashboard.
  • The hosting plans can be a little expensive for beginners. But you get the service with their plans.

WPX Hosting Plans & Price

wpx wordpress hosting plans

WPX Hosting is the fastest web hosting provider, and the company offers three different plans with unique features. With these plans, you will be able to efficiently host your website with Managed WordPress Hosting without any trouble. Apart from this, you can easily upgrade your plan when your website grows bigger. If you want fast and powerful servers with a good engagement rate at an affordable price then check out these three different plans to grow your website. The 3 plans are:

  • Business Plan: You can buy this plan if you have a small business or blog that you have recently started and has low traffic. This is a good plan for beginners to make their website grow fast with the WPX Business plan. They will charge $24.99 per month for this plan, and allow you to host 5 blogs with 100 GB bandwidth.
  • Professional Plan: You can buy this plan if you have good traffic on your blog. This plan has been used by many bloggers and business professionals. This plan comes with more hosting resources. They will charge $49.99 per month for this plan and allow you to host 15 websites with 200 GB bandwidth and 20 GB disk storage along with dedicated RAM and SSD servers to boost your performance.
  • Elite Plan: This is the advanced WPX Hosting plan. You can buy this plan if your website has high traffic from search engines and other traffic sources. They will charge $99 per month for this plan and you can host up to 35 websites with this plan. They also offer unlimited bandwidth and 40 GB disk space along with dedicated RAM and SSD servers to sent unlimited traffic to your website.

Domain Price of WPX Hosting

There are several domains that WPX.net provides. You get free Whois Privacy forever on supported domains. No WPX Discount Code is required for this privacy. Apart from this, you will get free unlimited SSLs on all sites hosted by WPX.

  • .com $12.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .net $16.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .org $15.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .info $16.50 USD 1 Year/s
  • .biz $15.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .care $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .center $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .company $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .cool $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .digital $29.49 USD 1 Year/s
  • .domains $28.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .email $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .expert $46.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .foundation $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .gallery $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .group $23.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .guru $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .house $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .land $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .life $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .management $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .me $21.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .media $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .mobi $19.50 USD 1 Year/s
  • .money $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .photography $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .photos $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .pro $17.50 USD 1 Year/s
  • .services $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .solutions $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .systems $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .technology $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .tips $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .today $20.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .tools $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .tv $36.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .vision $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .watch $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .works $29.99 USD 1 Year/s
  • .zone $29.99 USD 1 Year/s

Features of WPX Hosting Plans

WPX free malware scanning and removal

All WPX.net plans comes with these features:

  • Free site migrations: Not satisfied with your existing hosting? WPX.net brings to you free migration where you can move your website to WPX Hosting very easily.
  • Free daily backups: With WPX Hosting you no need to worry about hackers stealing your data because WPX offers daily free backups so if something goes wrong you will always have a backup.
  • Daily malware scanning: WPX Hosting automatically scans your malware daily and keeps your data safe from hackers.
  • 95% uptime guarantee: Don’t worry about losing your customers are low traffic on your website because WPX provides you with an uptime guarantee to keep your website running.
  • 1-click WordPress installation: Installing WordPress becomes very easy, especially for beginners who still struggle to install WordPress. WPX Hosting can set up WordPress with just one click.
  • Free email setup: You can get free email addresses with WPX Hosting on every plan.
  • Customized Cpanel: Unlike other hosting providers, WPX Hosting has its customized control panel to help you get everything in one place.
  • Free SSL Certificate: WPX Hosting provides free SSL to secure your website and get a better ranking on Google for free.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee: People hesitate to try a new hosting provider because they worry about what if their money goes to waste. This is not the case with WPX Hosting because they provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service.
  • 24/7/365 live customer support: Having some problems? Ask them anytime with WPX Hosting’s support team which will always be available for you to assist.
  • Free Domain Privacy: WPX Hosting keep your domain private and that too is absolutely free.
  • SSD Storage: WPX servers are well equipped with SSD for storing websites and providing you with speedy website loading.

Signing Up with WPX Hosting

Signing up with WPX Hosting is very simple and straightforward. They makes it easier to register a new domain for your website or use an existing domain.

Accessing the Client Area

Once you have completed and placed your order, you are now able to login into the WPX Hosting dashboard where you can view your billing details, account settings, and the services which you are using.

Installing WordPress or Migrating a Website

For those who are planning to start a new website, you can install WordPress on your server and get started with the process. If you want to use your existing WordPress website for your WPX Hosting account then you can simply submit a free migration request and wait for the support team to take your request further. Here are a few steps to get started with WordPress.

  1. Setup Account: No need to worry if are new to WordPress. WPX Hosting has made the installation process very simple. Just click on the “Install WordPress” button, then the “Install WordPress Link” you are required to enter your email address and click “Install”.
  2. Install WordPress: Within no time your WordPress will get installed and is now ready to use. To start your new account, you will have to fill in some details which include language, site title, username, and password for login to your new website.
  3. Create New Site: WPX Hosting makes the installation process easy. It comes with its default plugins “Hello Dolly” and “Akismet” and the last few versions of the default WordPress themes. This is good if you want to keep your website simple and plain.
  4. New WordPress: Your WordPress website is now fully ready to use. After signing up with WPX Hosting, you have your brand-new WordPress website.

Additional Domains or Subdomains

WPX Hosting provides you with an additional facility to host more than one WordPress website on one account, you can even manage multiple domains through your WPX Hosting dashboard. If you want to host only one WordPress website, it’s always a good option to create subdomains. You can also test it on another WordPress account before using it on your primary website.

Managing Email

WPX Hosting includes the feature of email support. Creating an email for your domain is simple, click on the “Add Email Box” button and enter the required details. They will also keep you updated regarding your website through email.

How to Use WPX Discount Code?

To get discount offers on all WPX Hosting plans follow the below steps:

  1. At first, click on “Show Coupons” which will bring you to WPX Hosting’s website. You can get this offer from there through our special coupon code for WPX hosting.

2. Now you have to choose the discount on “Monthly Basis” or “Yearly Basis”.

wpx monthly basis plan prices

3. Now you have to choose the hosting plan as per your need and then click on “Get Started”. You can choose your blog host either in the USA or UK or AU.

4. Then click on the “Hosting Only” button. By doing this WPX will transfer your site from current hosting to WPX free of cost.

wpx choose domain name

5. In the next step, apply the coupon code to get a discount on your bill. Then click on the “Continue” button.

6. You will see your coupon code has been applied successfully and you have saved so much on your plan.

wpx hosting promo code

7. Now you have to make the payment, choose your payment method to complete your order on WPX Hosting.

Use our Offer to Get a Huge Discount on WPX Hosting

We know it’s difficult to build a WordPress website if you have a limited budget. That is why we have brought you a set of WPX Discount Code to save you money on the plans. Apply our exclusive hosting coupons during checkout to get a discount on every order. If you want to build a good hosting website, try WPX and quickly start your business with the best hosting provider with fully equipped plans and services.

Real Customer Reviews of WPX Hosting

wpx hosting customer reviews

  1. I always have my issues resolved when I contact support, this is why I continue to stay with WPX Hosting, their customer service is excellent.
  2. There was a problem setting up a new account and the help desk person provided great support. Thank you for your efforts.
  3. I got an email telling me that I had exceeded my bandwidth. Instead of them just telling me to go to the higher-cost plan, the support agent walked me through how to change a bunch of settings on my registrar and the WordPress plugin to fix the issue. He also offered to do it himself if I have given him my login.
  4. I don’t normally leave a review but am compelled to for WPX. They migrated my site, talked to me throughout the whole thing, and have been incredibly helpful. You can speak to anyone at any hour almost immediately. My site is now much quicker and I’m paying less than my old hosting company. Honestly hugely recommend them. Thanks so much, guys, what a great company.
  5. As usual, if you need support they are there to help you, not tomorrow, not in one hour but NOW. Really fast support if you need it. They know what they do, always fix issues with my website in no time. Fast hosting and fast support that is all you need from a hosting provider.
  6. The new or awesome shared content fill means that people experience the brand consistently across different marketing channels, which is why maintaining a consistent brand voice and branding is key.
  7. WPX Hosting has helped me grow my small-time business into a nationwide multi-million dollar company.
  8. This seems to be a great service provider by folk who go above & beyond what you normally get with a hosting company. Keep up the great work.
  9. I had tried quite a few hosting companies. Frankly, I don’t think you can find another company’s support that is so willing to help.
  10. Great speed, great price, and great support – the best hosting company I have worked with within 11 years of website design.

WordPress Performance-Optimized Environment

There are mainly two parts to the hosting environment.

  • Performance
  • Security

To strengthen its performance, WPX Hosting bundles in a Custom Contact Delivery as well as with the latest versions of technologies like PHP 7.X and HTTPS/2. You can also choose from these data centers:

  1. Chicago (USA/North America)
  2. London (UK/Europe)
  3. Sydney (Australia/Pacific)

For security, WPX Hosting offers:

  • Custom web application firewall to proactively block threats.
  • Daily malware scan
  • Free and easy-to-install SSL Certificate
  • Free DDoS protection via Incapsula/Imperva

For the last security, WPX Hosting provides unlimited free malware removal if any malware has infected your website.

Convenient Managed WordPress Features

In addition to all these sets of features, WPX Hosting has some built-in tools/features to make WordPress easily accessible to its users.

At first, you get automatic, free daily backups with 28 days of storage capacity which is more than enough for a website. Many Managed WordPress hosts provide only 14 days of storage but here we get a lot more. You can also run manual backups if needed.

WPX Hosting provides a one-click staging tool that lets you test changes in a sandbox rather than on a production site. You can also shift between your staging and live servers as needed.

WPX Hosting also included email hosting as a part of your plan. It is a unique feature to manage WordPress hosting in a bundle with email hosting.

WPX Hosting Performance

There are 2 types of tests to find its performance in hosting:

  1. Single performance test via WebPageTest: This test shows how long does the website takes to load for a single user. On doing the test, the media page took about 1.5 seconds to load a full website which is an excellent load time for a single visitor. So WPX Hosting provides a good load time in the first test.
  2. Load Testing via BlazeMeter: This test shows us how long does it take for multiple users who are browsing at the same time. This is a more realistic test if you have a high-traffic website. The initial stage of the test starts with 7 users and jumps to 14 users at 1.66 minutes and about 20 users at 3.33 minutes. Overall the WPX Hosting performance was good and better than many others as compared to the price as well.

How WPX Hosting Handles Staging Sites

The staging is included with every plan of WPX Hosting. When you create a staging site, it will count against your total website limit. For example, you can create 5 websites using the entry-level plan of WPX Hosting, suppose you already have 4 live websites. If you create a staging site, the one last slot of the website will be taken from you and it will show that you have 5 websites now. So pay attention to this before picking up a plan because this might affect your decision.

WPX Hosting Refund Policy

WPX Hosting offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee. You can get the refund before completing the trial period of 30 days but after 30 days you will no longer be eligible for a refund. For the full period of 30-days, you can enjoy the facilities provided by WPX Hosting like its speed, support, and security. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can notify them and request a full refund from them. For monthly users, they can get the full refund only on the first monthly payment and not on later monthly payments. If you want to upgrade your plan, you will first have to complete your initial purchase of 30 days to move to the next plan.

The domain-related purchases are not refundable and they will not get their money back. The domain services include renewals, buying a domain, domain transfers, etc.

How to Cancel and Get Full Refund?

Within 30 days of creating an account with WPX, you can cancel your WPX Hosting subscription. You can cancel your service by clicking on the “Cancel Service” link provided in your dashboard. After submitting your request, WPX will quickly refund the full amount of your subscription via the standard form in the “Cancel” section.

Is WPX Hosting Worth the Money?

WPX Hosting is a superior hosting provider and has been used by many in the last few years. And they have their customer support team to assist you in every possible way and never disappoint you and the best thing about this is that you get a quick response from them within 30 seconds. They offer you 24/7/356 live chat to solve your hosting-related issues as quickly as possible. So, if you are looking for a user-friendly hosting provider then WPX Hosting is the best choice for you.

Be it migration or installing WordPress or installing SSL Certificate, they will assist you in everything. WPX Hosting also offers a reliable, fast, and secure hosting environment to boost your business. You don’t even have to worry about paying extra bucks to enjoy all the services, WPX Hosting provides you with everything you need for your hosting site. So, what are you waiting for? Join the WPX family now to get amazing plans for your website.

Get an Amazing WPX Discount Code with CouponGod

CouponGod brings you amazing offers and discounts on every purchase. If you want to purchase WPX Hosting, we have brought you many coupon codes to help you save money on your hosting service. Use our promo codes to get exclusive discounts on plans and services. Trust us and join our CouponGod fam to get surprising offers. We pledge to provide you with excellent service to make your purchase more exciting and cheaper.

Final Thoughts on Using WPX Hosting

Keeping in mind all the facilities and services that WPX Hosting provides to its users, you should use the WPX Discount Code to get a faster, reliable, and secure hosting experience. WPX is of course one of the best hosting providers with a lot of facilities. It can be a little expensive for new users but you can go for the monthly plan instead of the yearly plan to save some money. Hosting with WPX can provide you hassle-free, great hosting experience.


Does WPX offer a promotional code to save money?

Yes, WPX Hosting provides discounts to its users. You can also visit our site CouponGod to grab exciting deals and offers on WPX Hosting plans.

Does WPX Hosting serve the client with the CDN?

Yes, the WPX Hosting plans come with a built-in CDN which is also known as WPX Cloud that can load content from the server which is available nearby.

Does WPX Hosting offer a free SSL Certificate?

Yes, WPX provides a free SSL Certificate to all its users and they are automatic renewals. You can get the new one before the older gets expired.

Does WPX offer a website migration service?

Yes, you are capable of migrating from one website to WPX Hosting for free. This is an excellent feature of WPX Hosting and you don’t even have to worry about downtime. The migration of a website can be done in a few hours without the loss of data.

Does WPX Hosting provide free email?

Yes, you can create unlimited emails with WPX Hosting.

Does WPX Hosting give a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you are eligible to get a full money back within 30 days of purchase if you are not happy with the service.

Does WPX offer 50% off on a yearly subscription?

No, WPX Hosting provides only 50% off for the first month if you choose the monthly subscription. But you can get 2 months of free WPX hosting with the yearly plan.

Is WPX hosting custom Cpanel easy to navigate?

Yes, the customized Cpanel is easy to navigate especially for beginners. You get everything in one place with their managed dashboard. They have undergone complete research before executing this dashboard.

Is WPX a good option for beginners?

Yes, WPX is excellent for new users, you can get fast hosting and full-time customer support for all problems. You will enjoy hosting with WPX and their team.

What happens if I exceed my bandwidth limit on WPX Hosting?

WPX offers all the solutions to lower your bandwidth by various plugins, caching, compression, enabling CDN, etc, which can help you to keep your bandwidth under the limit.
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