Valentine Week List 2024 – Which day is 7th to 14th Feb

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Valentine’s Day is the most awaited in February during Valentine Week List 2024. All lovers from all over the world celebrate this day, and this day is here to come. From planning surprises and gifts to expressing one’s heart, People worldwide eagerly wait for Valentine’s Day, the day of love and Romance.

All the lovers eagerly await this day as it gives them an official opportunity to express their love to their crush. Valentine’s Day is preceded by seven days or a week, also called the love of the week, and this week is celebrated in seven different ways. 

Valentine Week List 2024 starts on 7th February and ends on 14th February which is on Valentine’s Day. In this blog, you’ll know about all these special days with their detailed information.

Valentine Day List – Which day is 7th to 14th Feb

Valentine Week List 2024 comprises 7 different days, including Rose Day, Propose Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Promise Day, Chocolate Day, Kiss Day, and the last one is Valentine’s Day itself. Here is a full list of days in Valentine’s week below.

valentine day list
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Valentine Week List 2024 – Complete Chart

DateValentine Week ListDay
7th Feb 2024Rose DayWednesday
8th Feb 2024Propose DayThursday
9th Feb 2024Chocolate DayFriday
10th Feb 2024Teddy DaySaturday
11th Feb 2024Promise DaySunday
12th Feb 2024Hug DayMonday
13th Feb 2024Kiss DayTuesday
14th Feb 2024Valentine’s DayWednesday

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All days of Valentine Week List 2024

1. Rose Day

This is the first day of Valentine’s week list and is celebrated by giving Roses. Depending on your feelings, you can give any rose, including red, yellow and pink. Flowers are the most beloved thing to express your feelings, roses are one of the favourites. So this day is for exchanging roses with romantic love messages to your loved ones. You can buy Fresh Rose from the FNP site.

happy rose day during valentine week

2. Propose Day

The second day on the Valentine’s week list is the Proposed Day. This day is called Propose Day; you can express your feelings to your loved ones. You can propose to your crush or a person from whom you’ve been feeling. Don’t go empty-handed; make a gift or something to make your crush happy. You can get ideas from here.

happy propose day

3. Chocolate Day

This day is all about the sweetness of chocolate and lots of chocolates. People give chocolates to their near and dear ones to express their love for them. There are various options in the shape of chocolates the taste of chocolates from which you can select and give accordingly.

You can order online sweet chocolate hampers here.

happy chocolate day

4. Teddy Day

Teddy Day is the cutest day of Valentine’s week list, and these are the cutest gifts you can give your loved ones. They can be hugged when we miss somebody. Also, you can hit them when you are angry or sad. On this day, lovers give small and large teddies to their loved ones.

happy teddy day

5. Promise Day

Vows are easy to formulate but difficult to maintain. But on promise day, you can make true promises to your partner. This day is for making a promise that you can keep your partner long. Make true and right promises in front of your love and make them safer.

happy promise day

6. Hug Day

On this particular day, hug your partner tightly and forget all your fights. Share your love and happiness by hugging each other. Hugs can lift your mode in a second, and it’s like a warm feeling you get from your partner. A hug is a valuable emotion of conveying love and feeling.

happy hug day

7. Kiss Day

A kiss is the softest aspect of manner to indicate love. The seventh day of Valentine’s week list is Kiss Day. The best form of expressing your love is a kiss, which can be of any type. But don’t forget to give a kiss on the forehead as it is a sign of care and responsibility.

happy kiss day

8. Valentine’s Day

The wait is finally over, and the 8th day is Valentine’s Day. Spend this day with your loved one. It can be your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Talk, express, and show love on this day.

valentine day

Anti-Valentine Week 2024

Wait, the month of love does not end here. This week is followed by the anti-Valentine week. Check details for anti-valentine in this blog.

DateAnti-Valentine Week ListDay
15th Feb 2024Slap DayThursday
16th Feb 2024Kick DayFriday
17th Feb 2024Perfume DaySaturday
18th Feb 2024Flirting DaySunday
19th Feb 2024Confession DayMonday
20th Feb 2024Missing DayTuesday
21st Feb 2024Break Up DayWednesday

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1. Slap Day

After Valentine’s Day, here comes slap day, and many people, including groups of friends, celebrate this day by slapping each other. All this Slap Day is celebrated for fun and celebrated like fun only.

happy slap day

2. Kick Day

If someone breaks your heart, kick them in their face and take your revenge. Kick Day is another fun day just celebrated for fun, like Slap Day.

happy kick day

3. Perfume Day

This day is celebrated after Kick Day, also called a day of spreading the fragrance of love with your partner. Perfume Day is celebrated by giving perfumes to each other as a love gift. Solve your fight with good smelling perfume and make your relationship more strong.

happy perfume day

4. Flirting Day

The name itself suggests that you are supposed to do some flirting, don’t waste this day and take a chance to impress your crush by doing some flirting with some lovely lines. Also, you can flirt with your boyfriend to make him happy.

happy flirting day

5. Confession Day

Confess your deep secret and hidden feelings on Confession Day and open your heart freely. If you are shy, you can try your luck on this day, do some daring in your life and open your feelings.

happy confession day

6. Missing Day

Here comes the time to miss your partner. If you fought with your boyfriend/girlfriend or he/she is away from you, Missing Day reminds you to keep your memories alive.

i miss you day

7. Break Up Day

Relationships can change from time to time, and so do a person’s feelings. If your partner is not good with you or does not respect you, you can break up with them on this breakup day. Move on and find new hope for living your life.

break up day

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Love can be a wonderful feeling and can be admired by rejoicing. That’s why we have Valentine’s week for the lovers. The week is about enhancing your relationship with your partner and embracing each other in their life.

However, it is a sad fact but true that not every bond we build is like a fairy tale and that’s why we have Anti-Valentine’s Week also. While Valentine’s Week will take you to the bright side of love, Anti-Valentine’s Day will make you test your bond and the reality you’ve in your relationship.

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