50 Latest New Beard Styles For Boys With Images (Best Beard Designs 2024)

Latest Beard Styles For Boys

From the trimmed, neat new beard styles for boys to the sharp beard cuts, every new style for men is a great experiment to transform the look. A well-kept beard is the ultimate weapon to feel like a daily winner. Choose the one that suits your face and personality, and you will make a dapper impression.

It’s no secret that beard look has become one of the most popular trends for men, with their ability to change your aesthetic completely. The remarkable thing is that there is a beard style for every man worldwide. This guide to different beard styles has covered you, whether after something tough or a little more subtle.

50 New Style Beards For Men and Boys

1. Circle Style Beard

Circle Style Beard
Source: Toptrendsguide

The circle beard is one of the most common beard styles for boys. It is very simple and is for the diamond-shaped faces. This type of beard is the French beard style and also features the moustache joining the chin strip. This type of beard is very convenient to grow. This beard style is most common for formal occasions.

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2. Teenagers Style Beard

Teenagers Style Beard
Source: beardstyle

This form is the short beard style but gives a cool look due to its neat and clean finish. The teenage boys must try adopting this style and they would love the results. This is a very comfortable and easy-to-grow beard style for boys. This beard’s latest style gives you the best dashing look to your face. You must try it.

3. Classic Beard Style

Classic Beard Style
Source: menhairstyletrends

This new beard style is very famous all around the world. This classic beard shape is all about the full controlled length and helps make a face look longer. It is a thick chin strap joining the sideburns and a rolled-up moustache. If you have a square jawline, this style will be perfect for you.

4. Long Beard Style

Long Beard Style
Source: pinterest

If you aim to be the boss, you have to look like a boss. This long latest-style beard is perfect for the guy who wants any of his beard styles to start high up by the sideburns. Middle-aged men prefer this style. While it may be difficult to maintain, it looks good on guys with square face shapes.

5. Urban Style Beard

Urban Style Beard
Source: Cashkaro

A classic short beard style, the Urban Goatee gives you a very sharp look. Keep the facial hair clean-shaven. Your long face cut can get an edgy and very classy look with the jaw outlined with a chin strap and thick sideburns. Under the urban style, the moustache remains detached from the goatee in a perfect way. This urban-style beard cut will give you the best look for your face.

6. Long Hipster Beard Style

Long Hipster Beard Style
Source: Toptrendsguide

Hipster beards are a new style in beard and have become some of the most sought-after beard styles in recent times. Whether you like to keep your hair long or short, a hipster style out there will complement your look and make you feel classy. You can rock this look if you have an oval-shaped face or a square one. It also requires minimal effort yet much more patience and maintenance.

7. Beard With Defined Lines

Beard With Defined Lines
Source: cashkaro

Cheek lines run along each cheekbone, from the bottom of the sideburn to the edge of your moustache. Necklines run from ear to ear, beneath the jaw bones and connect in the centre making this beard style cuts very attractive. This latest beard style also goes well with mannish attire. This is the favourite of most fashion lovers. 

8. Fuzzy beard Style

Fuzzy beard Style
Source: atozhairstyles

The little fuzzy look is nothing more than a short beard left alone, allowing your face to look like you put in little effort shaving. With a small patch of hair under the lip and some coverage to the jawline, the style looks crisp on the diamond, oblong, and square-shaped faces. Trim down the beard once it grows a little, and you can master the dapper look quickly.

9. Patchy Goatee Style Beard

Patchy Goatee Style Beard
Source: atozhairstyles

To achieve this look, you must shave the high parts of your cheek and neck, leaving the beard to grow along the jawline. Again, this will accentuate your jaw. This style must be short to minimize the appearance of patches. These hairbeard styles go best with both formal and informal styles.

10. The Goatee Style Beard

The Goatee Style Beard
Source: menshaircuts

The traditional goatee only requires hair on your chin, like a goat (hence the name), with all the facial hair shaved. Trendy and distinctive, the small men’s shaving style is also referred to as a sign of valiance in young men. You can also outline the soul patch inside the goatee to enhance your appearance and take it a level up.

11. The Woodsman Style Beard

The Woodsman Style Beard
Source: Whiskers

This is for the true outdoorsman who does not want to bother with grooming or at least wants to give a similar impression. Maintenance is the key to this look, which makes a long-lasting impression when you are all suited up for that white-tie affair.

12. Tramline Beard

Tramline Beard
Source: beardstyle

Adorn the Tramline men’s new beard style designed with smooth curves over the chin, hair across the jawline, and well-defined sideburns. A stylish hack, this is one of the best beard cut styles for all men that gives a heroic appearance to the wearer with a regal touch.

13. Dreadly Style Beard

Dreadly Style Beard
Source: Funtouzy

This new style of beard is very easy to achieve. The deadly beard style is well-suited to varied face shapes by those who wish to experiment with new styles. This style also gives the chin a much stronger and prominent look, ensuring you make a mark wherever you go.

14. Fringy Beard

Fringy Beard
Source: Cashkaro

This style complements a frizzy beard with a tousled French crop. A small asymmetrical fringe is also a cherry on top of this style. Thinner on the cheeks and thicker at the bottom, this beard style for Indian men also ensures that you stand upright in the fashion world without the stress of maintaining it.

15. Salt And Pepper Look Beard

Salt And Pepper Look Beard
Source: indiaToday

Salt-n-pepper-haired men are evergreen lovers to keep! Because he is confident about his looks. The best part about this latest beard style is that it looks sexy and requires much less effort and maintenance than the rest. Classy, this one goes well with all kinds of cultural and modern outfits.

16. Dimple Style Beard

Dimple Style Beard
Source: Pinterest

The Chin Dimple Beard are In Short Beard Styles. If you have that sexy chin cleft, make sure you use it to the full effect of this style. Create a W-Shaped style over your chin, and let your facial hair highlight your jawline in the best way possible. This style also works magic at any event and is certain to grab some envious looks on your way!

17. Short Stubble Beard

Short Stubble Beard
Source: Beard

The short stubble style of beard is one of the most simple ones around. It can be by growing facial hair for a few days after the whole shaving. This type of hair beard style looks very short. Men looking for a short beard with a high, stylish attitude can opt for this one without hesitation.

18. Thick And Thin Beard

Thick And Thin Beard
Source: Cashkaro

The thick and thin beard is an excellent choice for adding an air of stylish elegance to your ensemble. It is a polarizing style that can be with a little effort. It also possesses a flat cut on its edges and gives a raunchy appearance to anyone who adorns it.

19. Horseshoe Beard

Horseshoe Beard
Source: beardstyle

Horseshoe is best obtained by growing out a Circle or Full beard and trimming after a few weeks to a month. The style delivers a countryman’s appearance to the whole face. This style is also easy to grow and is often considered an effortless beard.

20. Mutton Chops Beard

Mutton Chops Beard
Source: Pinterest

Mutton chops are facial hair that goes back many centuries. They are also known as sideburns, stretching past the cheeks into a moustache but missing the chin. The beard features long, thick sideburns that join with the great moustache bars pointing downwards. Shape the beard well; you will see it smartly emphasizing your face and jawline.

21. Chin Strap Beard

Chin Strap Beard
Source: thetrendspotter

The isolated chin strap is a traditional take on this beard’s new style. The beard features clean-shaven cheeks, upper lip, and neck; the hair follows the best, and a sharp jawline around the sideburns. This hair and beard style does not need special care or much maintenance and gives a prepossessing appearance in no time.

22. Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard
Source: economictimes

The Anchor Beard is a far more stylish look than you will find on the average salty dog.  Keep everything real as you adorn this debonair style, identifying a courageous personality. The style is the best worn by young men with oblong or square shaped faces.

23. Balbo Beard

Balbo Beard
Source: Pinterest

The Balbo Beard suits well to all the sagacious personalities. Easy to style, this one ignores the sideburns element and is by a floating moustache. It also covers the jawline with a hair strap, growing slightly towards the cheeks. 

24. Chin Strip Beard

Chin Strip Beard
Source: cashkaro

A vertical line of hair across the chin is all the style requires. Perfect for the laid-back yet bold look, a chin strip works wonders with casual and formal looks. Bring an extraordinary elegance to your statement and carry this beard-cutting one gracefully!

25. The Boss Beard

The Boss Beard
Source: bossshunting

Characterized by a thick chin strap and a floating moustache, this one demands a little effort and a lot of maintenance. You can’t underestimate the well-groomed boss beard look that’ll get those chicks drooling.

26. Petite Goatee Beard

Petite Goatee Beard
Source: pinterest

Unlike the full goatee, the petite goatee is a very small version without a moustache, designed to elongate the chin.  Nothing can stop a man from having a great chance by adorning such a unique beard. Triangle-shaped faces and those with oblong ones can carry this style to make a top-notch fashion statement.

27. Faded Beard Style

Faded Beard Style
Source: beardcorner

This new beard style means blending long hair on the top with short hair on the back and sides. Beard-wise, it’s all about fading chin hair into cheek hair and cheek hair into sideburns.

The sideburns taper into the hair and fade into the main beard, with thick hair growing down the chin. There is also something endearing about this style that is so popular among men with oval and square face shapes.

28. Chin Strap + Moustache Beard

Chin Strap Moustache Beard
Source: Pinterest

When it comes to Chin Strap, the moustache always looks very fantastic! Get a thin chin strap with a very thin moustache, and you are ready for any formal party! It also features a thin chin strap joining the moustache bars pointing downwards. This style may not look great on every guy and takes a rugged, confident man to pull off.

29. The Row And Tyro Style Beard

The Row And Tyro Style Beard
Source: theshaverzone

This beard cutting adds a fade or defined line for a cool finish. This style is by thick hair patches and trimmed portions over the cheeks, detaching the thick chin straps from the sideburns. Use it as a weapon for a romantic date. 

30. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard
Source: beardstyle

Van Dyke style is a combination of moustache & beard. With a handlebar moustache and hair on the chin, this style turns out to be appealing and masculine. The moustache is not attached to the beard, and a small patch of hair exists under the lips. Men with this whole kind of beard style look elegant and striking.

31. Simply Sideburns Beard

Simply Sideburns Beard
Source: hairstylist

This style features only thick sideburns with hair running down the back of the jaw. This kind of beard style for a round face is convenient to grow and is chosen by men looking to exhibit a bold and stubborn attitude.

32. Royal Beard

Royal Beard
Source: gillette

The royale beard, or goatee beard look, is a moustache anchored by a chin strip. Keep your fine moustache floating and anchored. The patch of small hair under your lips must connect with the thin chin strip to attain that gentle yet spectacular look for a casual or formal day.

33. French Fork Beard

French Fork Beard
Source: bespokeunit

French Fork beard is a very distinctive style of beard. It is still considered a full beard look but is the hair extending past the chin and splitting down the middle into two segments. It will also look like an extended version of a goatee and enhance your facial appearance uniquely. Divide you’re fine beard into two prongs to complete the look.

34. Thin Goatee Beard

Thin Goatee Beard
Source: readysleek

Men with thin and slim mouths find thin goatee beard styles useful in hiding that problem. Do not detach the beard from the moustache; you’ll slay those meetings and events confidently. It delivers a bold, neat, yet manly look for obstinate men.

35. Wolverine Beard

Wolverine Beard
Source: Pinterest

The Wolverine beard style combines mutton chops and a full beard, depending on which “X-Men” movie you are watching. The style characterizes a totally trimmed moustache and thick sideburns, giving it a bold and manly look. Shave the hair off your perfect chin area to attain this iconic look quickly.

36. Brett Beard

Brett Beard
Source: pinterest

Brett is the most contemporary and popular variety of the chin beard. Shave off the facial hair from your cheeks and shape a soul patch on your chin like an hourglass. Connect the true soul patch with the thick hair strap, and you will find those chicks eyeing you.

37. Amitabh Bachan’s French Beard

Amitabh Bachan’s French Beard
Source: indiatvnews

Remove the whole facial hair from your cheeks and let them cover your chin well. This style requires careful use of a razor in the correct alignment, and you are ready! Spruce up your sex appeal with little effort, good care, and a bit of maintenance.

38. Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard
Source: pinterest

ducktail beard is when facial hair resembles a duck’s tail at the chin, grooming the beard hairstyles into a point that extends the chin and jaw. This style is one of the most prevalent and gives a classic hipster look that is just as neat.

39. Straight Styled Beard

Straight Styled Beard
Source: pinterest

The hair is put straight back into place in a perfect way. Let your facial hair grow in a normal and bushy way, also connecting to the sideburns. The moustache must also connect with the beard to achieve the complete look.

40. Zappa Beard

Zappa Beard
Source: Pinterest

Zappa beard is the men’s new beard style by the musician Frank Zappa. This style was his signature look and comprised a thick moustache and soul patch.  Featuring a soul patch and thick moustache, this style was used as a weapon to steal girls’ hearts during the 90s.

41. Natural Pomp Beard

Natural Pomp Beard
Source: bluebeards

There may be no style as cool as a Natural Pomp. You can also take the help of a trained professional to achieve this look and learn some beard hacks to create a long-lasting impression through this style.

42. The 5-Day Stubble Beard

The 5-Day Stubble Beard
Source: gq

Give your face an edgy and cool look with this outstanding beard style, specially crafted for that ‘Dapper Dude’ look. Wear this classic beard over a square-faced shape and carry that attitude in style.

43. Fullest Beard

Fullest Beard
Source: beardbrand

Beards take a lot of time, so it is worth knowing how to maintain a full beard in its nascent stages. This style may not be so comfortable for every occasion, but it will look suave once done. A perfect pick for a very round face!

44. Abhinandan Style Beard

Abhinandan Style Beard
Source: Financial express

After his return from captivity in Pakistan, many Indians want to sport the ‘Abhinandan style‘ on their faces. Like the mutton chops style, this one works for elongated face shapes with good muscle mass.

45. Gunslinger Beard

Gunslinger Beard
Source: pinterest

It is a cowboy-inspired facial hairstyle featuring flared sideburns with a horseshoe moustache. That gap between the whole jawline strap and the moustache edge does wonders to the entire look.

46. The Braid Beard

The Braid Beard
Source: haircutispiration

Lift your left or right-hand strand section over the middle beard strand. Take the full opposite-sided section and pull this strand over the middle one.  You can do a lot with a braided beard, so do not be afraid to experiment with the fine details, such as how full or long it is.

47. The Porcupine Beard

The Porcupine Beard
Source: pinterest

For violent, aggressive people, this beard style is the most distinctive of all. True Wax and Length are the two most essential elements of crafting this beard.

48. The Cone Beard

The Cone Beard
Source: beardclinic

The beard follows a bell-shaped feature towards the bottom and characterizes a long mustache attached to the sideburns and hair over the cheeks. This one is very hard to achieve. This style takes a long beard to a whole new level of depth.

49. The Jack Sparrow Beard

The Jack Sparrow Beard
Source: thebeardmag

Jack’s distinctive look was put by full of dark brown hair and a goatee beard. His beard and moustache are also a variation of “the anchor” style.  You can also shave the sides or extend them in a narrow line along the lower jawline and towards the ear.

50. Mighty El Insecto Beard

Mighty El Insecto Beard
Source: beardedpleasures

This unique, daring, minimalist, very short beard features a thin, curved “C” shape of hair on either side of the lower chin. Short on effort and big on style, this unique beard style has long been the facial hair choice of men across the country.

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