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Jio Offer For MNP: Number Portability In Jio From Idea, Airtel or Vodafone

Bad internet connectivity is a major problem that we face nowadays. Also, if you are paying a great amount of money for those services which do not work when you need them then it also seems very unfair. Therefore we explaining about Jio Offer for MNP in this article for you

So, port your SIM to Jio. But, how to port Jio Sim? You get a reasonable data plan all around the globe, unlimited calling, unlimited SMS, and also free calls in roaming.

Jio is offering great pricing of the tariff plans and also great Reliance MNP Jio Port offers. Also, Reliance Jio offers a wide range of Jio Port Offers on porting your SIM to Jio.

Once you port the Jio sim card there are many Jio recharge offers available. So, let us see how to port the Jio Sim!

Port Your Number To Jio Online and Get your Sim Card Delivered at Home

You can port your old sim card or even order a new Jio sim card online. Visit the website 10Digi.com and enjoy the Jio online port system.

It delivers your sim card within two hours of the order in different cities. 10Digi website provides home delivery of postpaid and also the prepaid SIM cards. If you want the sim card right at your doorstep, visit the website and order now!

Portability in Reliance Jio

The Jio MNP Recharge allows you to change the service provider without changing your own number. These are some of the features and MNP rules:

  • You can submit a request for a porting only after 90 days of your initial port of the SIM of any service provider.
  • The service of MNP is available across the whole country.
  • TRAI portability rates are 79%. 
  • Reliance internet code that you get in order to port the SIM is valid only for 15 days.
  • If you do not want to port or change your mind about porting, you can also withdraw your request for porting within 24 hours of the MNP duration since the process initiated.
  • The MNP process time takes up to 7 working days to shift to your new operator.
  • You have to clear all your previous bills before porting if you are a postpaid customer.

Steps to Port a Number to Jio

  • If you want to port a number to jio then message “PORT”<10 digit mobile number> to 1900.
  • Use your existing number which you want to port to send the message.
  • You will receive a porting number along with its expiry date as a text message on your phone.
  • Use the Jio App available on the Playstore and generate a coupon code for your sim card.
  • Take your port number and also the coupon code and visit the nearest jio store.
  • Activate your JIO SIM using the eKYC process. Also you need the aadhar card details to avail this jio offer for MNP. Port is successful!

Some important points

  • If you’re a postpaid customer you have to clear all your previous bills.
  • They will notify you before your SIM is ported to JIO.
  • During all the 7 working days after the request is sent to your previous connection would still work fine on your network.
  • Customers who are residing in the places like Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East can attest a Proof of Identity along with the photograph.
  • For all the customers aadhar card details are mandatory.

Reliance MNP scheme

Many Jio offers for port are available for you at a great price. You also have plans at 1.5GB per day starting at Rs.198. You can avail of the benefits with Airtel to Jio port offer. 

Free voice calling, Unlimited SMS, Free-roaming facilities, and much more. Check out the offers below:

Port Number to Jio

Long Term Offers for Porting to Jio

long term offers for porting to jio

Cricket Pack Jio Porting Offer

Cricket Pack Jio Porting Offer

Jio Port International Plans

Jio is up with the best plans when you want to go abroad and use the sim card!

Jio Port International Plans

Some important points

  • This plan is applicable to the 20 companies.
  • You have to connect to the Jio service.
  • It wont work on the JioFi and other Jio devices.
  • The benefits of the packs can avail itself using the preferred network in the country you are visiting.
  • Also, you have to restart your phone within 15 mins after purchasing the pack.

Jio Sim Portability other Benefits

  • Free subscription to the Jio App on play store via Jio Offer for MNP.
  • Get unlimited SMS 100/Day.
  • Access to all Jio Prime Services.
    • In the case of an Rs.98 plan, you get 2GB and also 300 SMS for a month.
    • Once you finish the daily data the speed of the internet will drop to 64 Kbps for unlimited data.
  • You will have to pay a one-time subscription fee of Rs.99 to get the benefits if you are not a Jio prime member.

Jio Prime Membership Benefits

Number Portability in Jio offers you great benefits of the data and also calls. Jio Prime is a service by Jio which gives you all the required benefits by paying a minimum amount of Rs.99 for a year

Also, if you are a member then you get the subscription free.

These are some of the Jio Prime service offers:

  • You can avail of the best plans. You get all the access to the exclusives which gives you enriched content from TV channels, movies, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Access to all the live sports channels with commentary in the local language, different camera angles, and also 7 days to catch up the live sport after it Airs.
  • You get access to all the exclusive access to all JioApps along with the best deals and all the offers.

How to get this Jio Prime Membership?

If you are a new user,

  • Go to Jio’s official website.
  • Submit your Jio number to log in to your recharge portal.
  • Browse at Rs. 99 Jio Prime membership offer.
  • Select this and proceed for payment to be the member.
  • After the payment, you are a Jio prime member.

In order to renew your existing subscription follow the steps below:

  • Download the application  My Jio.
  • Now express your interest to get the extended service to the Jio Prime Services for all the next 12 months.
  • Now you can enjoy your Jio Prime benefits.
  • Get cashback on Jio Prepaid and Postpaid recharge offer

Benefits of Porting to Jio SIM (Services)

My Jio App

My Jio App

My Jio app has many features to help you by a click of a button. You can manage all your accounts. You can even make Jio prepaid recharges very easily using the application.

These are the features of the My Jio App:

  • Usage: Check your daily as well as weekly consumption of data, voice calls, and SMS.
  • Statement: Also, get a statement of the last six months transaction that is made using your Jio App.
  • Data Balance: Check your data in real-time.
  • Service Requests: You can request a service using the My Jio application.
  • Hotspot Locator: You can also identify Jio Hotspot all by accessing this MyJio App.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!

Jio Cinema

After the Jio port, you can avail of the best Jio services. They have a great collection of Bollywood, Hollywood as well as a regional cinema for you. 

  • Download: You can download your favorite movie and TV series using the application and watch it whenever you want offline
  • Resume Watching: You can resume the ongoing movie or TV series from the place you left.
  • My Watch List: Create your own watchlist of Movies & also the TV shows and watch them later. 
  • Voice Search: Turn on the mic and speak & search for your favourite content.
  • Video Quality Selection: You can also select the quality of the movies or tv series you are watching like how you do on Youtube. You can select from three Low, Medium, and High options depending upon your current bandwidth.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!

Jio Saavn

There are many benefits of porting to Jio! It offers you a lot of applications. You can listen to all your favorite songs with various genres, moods, and artists.

  • Download: Download your favourite songs and listen to them offline.
  • Create Playlists: Create your own playlist based on artists, and also genres.
  • Radio: Tune in to your favourite radio channel and also listen to endless music.
  • Search: Search from the list of millions of songs by tapping on the search bar and looking up for your song.
  • Regional Content: Get access to regional content in more than 20 languages.
  • Themes: Pick your favorite theme for the application as per your choice.
  • Jio Tunes: You can also set your favorite song as the caller tune.
    This app is available on play store: Click here to install!

Jio TV

You can watch your favorite TV shows live!

  • Search: Search from a wide range of channels on your Jio TV app shows that have aired from the past 7 days.
  • Share: Share all your favourite programs to all the social networks by a single click.
  • Zero-Disturbance: You can also lock your screen while watching a show for uninterrupted viewing.
  • Multi-Lingual: You get a chance to watch content in your required languages such as English, Hindi, and other regional languages.
  • Set-Reminder: You can also set reminders for all your favourite shows airing on TV.
  • Mini Player: Browse your favourite show while the Jio player is still in mini mode.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!

Jio XpressNews

Jio sim portability provides you with the best apps. This app provides you with the latest updates live news all around the world!

  • Simple and Smart: Get a clear and great intuitive interface to enhance your reading experience.
  • Share Articles: You can also share the news articles that you like on the application with your friends.
  • Save Articles: Save your articles in order to read them later for you offline.
  • Never miss anything: Get notified of all the things that you would like to follow like stories, cricket scores, also the stock market and all the news around the world, and much more.
    This app is available on play store: Click here to install!

Jio Cloud

It stores all your selfies, documents, songs, videos etc within the app.

  • Easy Category creation: Create a category for everything be it music, videos, and also photos for ease of access.
  • Instant Playback:  Watch all the videos and listen to the music without any delay or downloading them to your system.
  • Offline Access: Mark all your required files to have access to them offline.
  • Selective-Sync: Select the inbuilt system in your current PC to save extra bandwidth cost.
  • Restore from mobile: Restore all your previous data from your previous Jio phone by using the cloud service data.
  • Backup: Choose your network and the file type.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install

Jio Money

  • You can always go cashless with JioMoney!
  • Faster Purchases: Keep a track of all the places where you make payments and also repeat & go by a single click.
  • Receive Offers: Get offers and discounts as per your need from all the top brands.
  • Transaction History: It keeps a track of all the transactions that you have made previously, therefore, no need to keep your bill at a single place. 

Jio 4GVoice

You can make HD Voice calls and conference calls very fast.

  • Conference: You can do a voice or a video conference with up to 6 people at a time while in the case of video conference it could be 4.
  • Selfie Sticker: Create your stickers.
  • File-Sharing: You can share images in your call and share files of extensions like Zip, PDF.

Jio Mags

It has all your favorite magazines in almost all the languages.

  • Read your magazine Offline: Download your favourite magazine and read it offline whenever you want.
  • Sync: Synchronize all your favourite downloaded magazines all at one place in a particular folder.
  • Archive Access: You also have the option of accessing the archives and titles from all your favourite publishers.
  • Auto-delete: Manage the whole space on your drive by using the feature Auto-delete.
  • Notification: Get notifications to all the latest titles to your favourite magazines and you can read them. 

Jio Chat

Jio online port is very advantageous!

  • Create Group: You can create a group of 500 members on this application and have a group chat.
  • Set Voice/Video Conference: You can add up to 5 people using the application on both voices as well as video conference calls and talk to them.
  • Share Files: You can share any file of any format with a size limit of 100mb to anyone.
  • Make Doodles: Make funny looking doodles and show your creativity to your family & friends.
  • Choose Language: Jiochat is available in all the languages of India so feel free to express yourself.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!

Jio Meet

This app is great for video conferencing.

  • Web Support: Click on JioMeet invite link and soon join from your browser.
  • B2B Calls: Conduct meetings with all your customers, partners, and people outside your office together.
  • Join From Any Device: Join from your laptop/desktop or mobile device or even your legacy video device thus offering you investment protection. 
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!

Jio Mart

  • Jio Mart currently offers all the grocery items at 5 percent below MRP. 
  • It is very cheap as compared to Amazon, Flipkart, and even Zomato and Swiggy.
  • JioMart also has a very wide range of products as compared to other e-commerce sites and has no limit on orders.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!


  • Play all the great and skilled-mobile games with a tap of a button, 3 minutes all it takes to play!
  • Collection of adventurous & fast-paced games across genres such as Racing, Actions, Casual, also Sports, Arcade, Board, Board, Platform, Adventure, Educational & Strategy.
  • New Games get added every week on this app.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!


  • JioSwitch is a very easy to use data transfer strong application. 
  • It supports the whole wide range of file types to transfer from one smartphone to another.
  • It is the fastest file transfer that happens over 100 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Also, it works without the internet and saves on your data package while you transfer files.
  • This app is available on playstore: Click here to install!


  • It is your health Companion!
  • Learn all the health tips advocated by renowned healthcare providers on the JioHealthHub app. 
  • Read about common diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disorder, asthma, arthritis, also their symptoms and tips for prevention. 
  • Also, read about the benefits of yoga, exercise, and stay on top of your health.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!


  • Give your calls a great life with customized messaging, images & location on the receiver’s screen. Intimate the whole urgency of your call on the receiver’s screen by using the ‘Urgent Call’ feature.
  • With the JioCall app, you can send and receive text messages from your Jio SIM number to any mobile number. It also allows you to do group chats & share images, videos, location, and all types of files like .zip, .pdf to other RCS contacts.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!


  • This Mobile browser app is to provide a fast and secure internet surfing experience and also some of the most engaging News & Entertainment content available today.
  • This JioBrowser helps in surfing the internet faster than ever before, respects the user’s privacy and it is a lightweight web browser. Users also can search, also download the files and share the information through the browser.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!


  • Our phone contains all the useful and critical data such as phone numbers, emails, details like bank account numbers, passwords, OTPs, personal messages, media files, etc. 
  • It also deserves the protection of world-class mobile security software.
  • JioSecurity also helps keep personal information private, away from the prying eyes of hackers & other malware.
  • This app is available on play store: Click here to install!

How to put the new Jio SIM Request?

You only need to fill a simple online form for this purpose. It requires your name and current mobile number. Verify the details with OTP. 

There are many benefits of switching to Jio such as 20% extra data than competitors, also free access to Jio apps, unlimited entertainment and more.

  • Visit Jio Website!
  • Enter your name and your current mobile number
  • Verify with received OTP
  • Select the delivery address of your choice.
  • Pick a Jio plan of your choice.
  • Choose your preferred date and also the time as per your convenience.
  • Your Jio SIM will be delivered very soon.

How to Track Jio SIM Status?

  • After the Jio port, you only need to enter the registered number used for booking, the delivery status will be displayed on the screen.
  • Visit the page of the website.
  • Enter the registered mobile number used for booking
  • Verify with OTP
  • And you will get the delivery status!

Jio Terms And Conditions

  • The company requires all the personal information from your side. The documents that are by the company are Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and also Permanent Address.
  • Proof of identity and address proof is also required like PAN Card, Driving License, also passport etc.
  • The company will use your personal information for bills, invoices, existing or new deals, also content, advertisement, surveys, key policies etc.
  • The company will keep all your personal information confidential unless the information is as per law after the Jio port.
  • The company might also require a detailed passport size photo during the time of form fill up for verification purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jio Offer For MNP

Can I port my number to Jio?

Yes definitely, you can port to Jio provided you have completed 90 days on your present network connection.

What are the total charges for Jio port?

The porting charges are the same for all network operators. You may be required to pay a sum of up to Rs. 19 for porting to Jio.

How many days will it take to port from Airtel network to Jio?

With the recent changes in rules, it is possible to port your number in 48 hrs of great service.