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What is Raksha Bandhan

About Raksha Bandhan Festival

The bonding between a brother and a sister is very unique and is beyond description in words. The relationship between siblings is extraordinary and is an importance in each and every part of the world. However, when it comes to the country India, the relationship becomes all the more important as there is a festival called “Raksha Bandhan” dedicated to sibling love.

This is a special Hindu religion festival which is celebrated in India and countries like Nepal to only symbolize the deep love between a brother and a sister. Also, the occasion of Raksha Bandhan is on the full moon day of the Hindu luni-solar calendar in the month of Shravana which falls in the August month.

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan Celebration

The festival is of only two words, “Raksha” and “Bandhan.” As per the Sanskrit terminology, this occasion means “the tie or knot of protection” where “Raksha” stands for the protection and “Bandhan” signifies the verb to tie the knot. Together, the festival symbolizes the eternal and deep love of brother-sister relationship which does not mean the blood relationships only. Nowadays, it is also celebrated among cousins, sister and sister-in-law (Bhabhi), fraternal aunt (Bua) and nephew (Bhatija) and other such true relations.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Raksha Bandhan festival among various religions in India

  • Hinduism– The festival is celebrated by the Hindu religion people in the northern and western parts of India along with countries like Nepal, Pakistan and Mauritius.
  • Jainism– The occasion is also celebrated by the Jain community where Jain priests give ceremonial threads to the devotees.
  • Sikhism– This festival is also devoted to the brother-sister love observed by the Sikhs as “Rakhardi” or Rakhari.

How Raksha Bandhan started?

  • Indra Dev and Sachi– Lord Indra- the principal deity of sky, rains and thunderbolts who was fighting the battle on the side of Gods was having a very tough resistance from the powerful demon King, Bali. The war continued for a long time and did not come to a decisive end. Seeing this, Indra’s wife Sachi went to the Lord Vishnu who gave her a holy bracelet which was of cotton thread. Sachi tied the holy thread around the wrist of her own husband, Lord Indra who defeated the demons and recovered the Amaravati. Unlike the present times, those holy threads were not only limited to brother-sister relationships. This is Raksha Bandhan story.
  • King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi– As per an account of Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana, when Lord Vishnu won the three worlds from the demon King Bali. The Lord accepted the request and started living with the demon king. However, Goddess Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu wanted to return to his native place named Vaikuntha. So, she tied the rakhi around the wrist of demon king Bali and made him a brother. On asking about the return gift, Goddess Lakshmi asked Bali to free her husband from the vow and also let him return to Vaikuntha. This is one of the reasons how raksha bandhan started!
  • Krishna and Draupadi– Based on an account of Mahabharat, Draupadi, who was the wife of Pandavas tied a rakhi to Lord Krishna while Kunti tied the rakhi to grandson Abhimanyu before the epic war.
How Raksha Bandhan started
  • Yama and the Yamuna– Another legend says that the death God, Yama did not visit his sister namedYamuna for a period of 12 years who became very sad. On the advice of Ganga, Yama went to meet his sister Yamuna who was very happy and performed hospitality of her brother, Yama. This delighted Yama who asked Yamuna for a gift for raksha bandhan. Hearing this, Yama made his sister, also Yamuna immortal so that he could see her again and again. This mythological account forms the basis of a festival called “Bhai Dooj” which is also based on the brother-sister relationship.

Why raksha bandhan is celebrated?

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is  a great symbol of duty between brothers and sisters. The occasion is also meant to celebrate any type of brother-sister relationship between men and women who may not be related.

On this day, a sister ties a rakhi around the wrist of her loving brother in order to pray for his prosperity, health and well-being. The brother in return offers a gift for raksha bandhan and promises to protect his sister from any harm and under every circumstance. The festival is also celebrated between brother-sisters belonging to distant family members, relatives or cousins.

Why raksha bandhan is celebrated

When is the Raksha Bandhan festival celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan kitni tarikh ka hai? Raksha Bandhan festival is on the full moon day in the month of Shravan (August) according to the Hindu calendar. This is why the festival is also called Rakhi Purnima. There are many other festivals that on this day by the different communities in India such as people in the south celebrate Rakhi Purnima as Avani Avattam, and in some regions of North India, this day is Kajari Purnima. Following are some of the famous rituals and festivals celebrated across India on this day.

Avani Avattam: This day is by all the Brahmin community. They exchange threads and pray to their ancestors for the forgiveness of their sins and give offerings to them to thank them for their teachings.

Kajri Purnima: This is in the north and also central part of India. On this day farmers and mothers worship the goddess Bhagwati for good crops and the well being of their son.

Pavitropana: The devotees of Shiva make a thread from the mixture of panchagavya and place it on the Shivalinga. Nariyal Purnima: In the coastal regions of West India, fishermen also celebrate this Raksha Bandhan festival by offering nariyal or coconut to the Sea god, Varuna and pray for their good sea trade.

At what time is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan CeremonyTimings
Thread Ceremony 05:49 AM to 18:01 PM
Aparahan Muhurat01:47 PM to 04:28 PM
Bhadra OverBefore Sunrise
Start of Purnima Tithi9.28 pm on 2nd August
End of Purnima Tithi9.28 pm on 3rd August

Raksha Bandhan celebration Dates for the Next 4 Years

202122nd AugustSunday
202211th AugustThursday
202330th AugustWednesday
202419th AugustMonday

What is Raksha Bandhan Mantra?

येन भादो बली राजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबलः |

तेन त्वानामिभाद्नामी त्वामाभिबध्नामी रक्षे माचल माचल ||

It means:  “Let me tie this Raksha Bandhan thread to you that was tied to the famous Demon King Bali. Oh rakshaa please do not move anywhere and waver.”

Raksha Bandhan wishes and messages!

  1. कामयाबी तुम्हारे कदम चूमे, खुशियाँ तुम्हारे चारो ओर हो पर भगवान् से इतनी प्रार्थना करने के लिए, तुम कुछ तो कमिशन दो! मेरे प्यारे (पर कंजूस) भईया, हैप्पी रक्षा बंधन!!
  2. She is someone who cares for me very much. She is someone who loves me forever. She is someone who understands me and also who knows my pain.She is my dearest and loving sister! Happy Raksha Bandhan to You! Best raksha bandhan wishes to you!
  3. You are the best brother who anyone could ever want and I am very happy to have you in my life. Thank you for all your love, care, and scolding! A very Happy Raksha Bandhan to you.
  4. I feel so blessed to have a sister like you in my life who is always there by my side. You are like an angel sent from above. Thanks, sister! Happy Raksha Bandhan to You!!

Types of Rakhi!

1. Spiritual Rakhi

Spiritual rakhis are the ones which are in the shape of Gods or have some religious symbols on them. Some spiritual rakhis are Om rakhis, Ganesha rakhis, Rudraksha rakhis, Ek Omkar rakhi, and many more!

Spiritual Rakhi

2. Kids Rakhi

Kids Rakhi are with attractive cartoon characters such as Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, Barbie, Tom, and Jerry, etc. These kinds of rakhis are ideal for little brothers to be happy.

Kids Rakhi

3. Handcrafted Rakhi

Handcrafted rakhis are by the sisters. They use different handicraft materials to make rakhis look very attractive such as craft gemstones, ribbons, colored paper, etc.

Handcrafted Rakhi

4. Zardosi Rakhi

These rakhis are well designed in the style of zardosi which is using silver wires, decorative stones, velvet satin, and many other decorative materials.

Zardosi Rakhi

Return Gift for Sister on Raksha Bandhan

It is in the ritual of Raksha Bandhan when the sister ties rakhi to her brother, he has to give gifts for raksha bandhan to sister. If you are confused about selecting a gift for your sister, then we have listed down a list of return gifts for your sister that you can give to her on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

Return Gift for Sister on Raksha Bandhan
  • Apparels – On this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, you can give kurtas, also sarees and many other types of apparel that she likes to wear.
  • Cosmetics – If she loves wearing make-up, then you can give her lipstick, eyeliner or any cosmetic item of her favorite brand. You can also give a hamper of cosmetics to her.
  • Pieces of Jewelry – You can also give a necklace set, earrings, bracelets, anklets, or any other piece of some jewelry to wish her Happy Raksha Bandhan.
  • Mugs – Gift a designer mug to her in which she sips her favorite drink and remembers you.

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Raksha Bandhan Special Dress

  1. Traditional
    When it comes to the festive occasion, then a traditional outfit can never ever go wrong. It’s good to celebrate our festivals with our traditional attire. So, when choosing traditional wear, you can go for Anarkali suit, saree, salwar kurta, etc.
  2. Indo Western Fusion
    If you are willing to wear something unique on this day, then you can go for a fusion of traditional and even western wear. You can also wear a kameez with a skirt and skip the dupatta, or you can wear a kurta with jeggings or palazzo.
  3. Kurta Pyjama
    Men can also wear traditional kurta pajamas on this auspicious festival for celebration. If you do not like to dress up too much, then you can also wear pastel colored kurta pajama that will look great on you.

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