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Ways to Sell Online Courses Successfully in India

It is no secret that demand for online courses have become huge over the years. According to the latest Forbes report, the market had hit $57 billion in the year 2014. And since then it has kept growing. It is estimated that this industry will soon approach $200 billion. If you have skills and experiences, there are people who value it. In fact, you can create unique courses and sell them online while getting rewarded for it.

You probably have come to this page searching for how to sell courses online. This article will explain the ins and outs of creating various online courses and selling them online. So, how to go about it?

Content Creation

  1. The Course Content
  • Know Your Audience

You must have a vision to identify your targeted audience. Equally, you need to understand which type of course is in demand, why they want to learn and much. Know if your potential students want to pursue the course only to get certification or they are genuinely interested in the subject matter. Based upon these factors, your course content should be prepared.

  • Scan through Forums

Know their likes and desires. Also, it is important to find about the challenges faced by them. This will let you mould your course content accordingly. Talk to a few of these students to get valuable insights, so that your course can motivate them directly.

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  • Pitch the Material Properly

You should know the level of education and knowledge your target learners have. This way you can get the course right for yourself.

  1. Making a Difference
  • Emphasize on a Niche

Unless you have a proper plan to run an entire online institution, you will require possessing a speciality. At first, you should focus on building a loyal following list. However, you can shift your mind to other things when you have a good number of learners.

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  • Offer Something Special

If you are offering any general course, know that there will be so many competitions. In order to stand distinguished in the crowd you should offer something that would make your course different from the others. You can target a particular demographic or simply use attractive titles within your subject area. Well, these are just a few ideas.

  • Introduce a Unique Learning Path

Let them know about the learning path that they are likely to take. Ensure that the learning outcomes are made clear to them. Each step should be well explained. This way not only will you sell one course, but many.

  1. Creating Compelling Content
  • Crisp and Clear

When you are selling your course in one of the online platforms like udemy.com, make sure you have listed the learning objectives alongside outcomes. This will give your potential students clear indication about what they need to learn.

  • Interactive Content

Communication with the learners is important. But, how would you do that with your course content? Try to make it interactive as much as possible. Let them do active tasks frequently, such as checklists and worksheets.

  • Prune the Content

Before selling your online course, proof read the material and get rid of the unnecessary content. This will make your course more attractive. You can split the content into shorter paragraphs. Use bullet points. Also, see that the key learning points are repeated quite often.

Course Format

If you are willing to spend more, then you can consider hiring an instructional designer, who can make the course on your behalf. But then if it’s your first time, then doing it yourself will be more affordable, any day.

If you will be doing it yourself, then try to think about the memorable textbooks and presentations you once have seen. A good course should be designed in an attractive format and it must be easily accessible too. Add images and graphics to convey the information. PDF and PowerPoint can keep the layout consistent as well as accessible.

Choosing the Right Platform

Considering the demand for courses online, a lot of platforms have come up and one of them is udemy.com. This free, open-source learning management system has a lot of users, so selling your course would be easy.

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