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USSD Codes For Vodafone: List To check Validity and Balance

You can use the USSD Codes For Vodafone to know your Vodafone net balance. Use Vodafone USSD codes even for many things other than Vodafone balance check & Vodafone balance enquiry. These Vodafone balance and data check codes and numbers are easy to use and also give the accurate information.

Vodafone ERW [CPS] IN

USSD Codes Of Vodafone- Check Internet Balance Vodafone

TypeDetailsVodafone USSD Codes
Most CommonVodafone Prepaid Balance Check Code*141# OR *111#
Most CommonVodafone Validity Code*141# OR *111#
Most CommonVodafone Local Calls Balance Check Code*148#
Most CommonVodafone Balance Check Number*111*2#
Most CommonVodafone Mobile Number Check Code*111*2#
Most CommonVodafone Best Offer Code*121#
Most CommonVodafone Phone Number Check Code*111*2# or *141#
Most CommonVodafone Data balance check code*111*2*2#
Most CommonVodafone STD Balance check code*147#
Most CommonVodafone Miss Call Alert*888*810#
Most CommonVodafone Talktime Loan Code*111*1*6*1#
Most CommonVodafone Data Loan Code*111*1*6*2#
Most CommonVodafone Self Care menu*111#
Most CommonVodafone GPRS Net Settings*111*1*3*3#
Most CommonVodafone Hellotune Service*567#
BalanceVodafone Talktime Main Balance USSD Code*111# OR *141#
BalanceVodafone Net balance ussd code*111*2*2# OR *111*6#
BalanceVodafone 2G  Data balance check ussd code*111*2*2# OR *111*6#
BalanceVodafone Balance Check No. (3G Internet balance USSD code)*111*2*2# OR *111*6#
BalanceUSSD Code for Vodafone 4G Net balance *111*2*2# OR *111*6#
BalanceVodafone Night Minutes Balance check code*111*2*5*2#
BalanceVodafone SMS balance check code (Local)*111*2*5*2#
BalanceVodafone SMS balance check code (STD)*111*2*5*2#
BalanceVodafone STD Talktime balance code*111*2*5*2#
BalanceVodafone Night Internet balance USSD code *111*2*2#
LoanVodafone USSD Codes for Talktime loan*111*10# Send SMS “Credit” to 144
LoanVodafone emergency loan code*111*10# Send SMS “Credit” to 144
LoanVodafone Data Loan ussd codeSMS “ICREDIT” to 144
LoanVodafone USSD Codes for loanSend SMS “Credit” to 144
TransferVodafone Balance Transfer codeDial *131*<Amount>*<NUMBERr>#
OthersVodafone DND Service ActivationSMS “START” to 1909
OthersVodafone mobile number port“PORT<space> Mobile number” To 1900
OthersVodafone USSD Code to activate one day pack *444* Pack Amount #
OthersVodafone USSD Code for Main Account Balance*141# or *111#
OthersVodafone Unlimited Pack Code*111*2*1#
OthersVodafone Tariff Plan Offer Codes*111*2*3*1#
OthersVodafone USSD Codes – Validity of Active Plan*111*2*3*3#
OthersVodafone Last 3 Deduction Codes*111*2*4#
OthersVodafone Last 3 Calls Code*111*2*5#
OthersVodafone Last 3 SMS Code*111*2*6#
OthersVodafone Last 3 Recharge Check*111*2*7#
OthersVodafone VAS Services USSD Codes- Stop*111*3*1#
OthersVodafone VAS Services USSD Codes – Start*111*3*2#
OthersVodafone Change Callertune Code*111*3*3#
OthersVodafone USSD Codes for DND Service*111*3*6#
OthersActivate Vodafone 2G Data Pack*111*1*3*1#
OthersActivate Vodafone 3G Data Pack*111*1*3*2#
OthersGet GPRS Setting with Vodafone USSD Code*111*1*3*3#
OthersActivate Vodafone Internet Plan Code*111*1*3*4#
OthersVodafone Bonus Card Code*111*1*7*1#
OthersVodafone Internet Offer Check Code*111*1*7*3#
OthersVodafone Talktime Offer Check Code*111*1*8*1#
OthersVodafone SMS Offer Check Code*111*1*8*2#
OthersVodafone Roaming Offer Check Code*111*1*8*3#
OthersVodafone USSD Code for Best Internet Offer*111*1*5#
OthersCheck Vodafone Data Offer Details*444# and PRESS 1
OthersCheck Vodafone Bonus Card Offer Details*444# and PRESS 2
OthersCheck Vodafone BC 5 Roaming Offer Details*444# and PRESS 3
OthersCheck Vodafone Night Offer Details*444# and PRESS 4
OthersCheck Vodafone Week Offer Details*444# and PRESS 5
Vodafone ERW [CPS] IN

Uses Of USSD Codes Vodafone

USSD Codes are ideal for knowing and enquiring about useful and much-required information regarding your registered Vodafone SIM. you can know how to check your Vodafone net balance, and other things like:

  • Local, STD & Roaming Minutes Available
  • Special Data Packs with Validity
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Vodafone Balance Enquiry
  • Mobile Number and Validity
  • Vodafone Main Balance Check
  • Vodafone 2G/3G/4G Data Balance Check

USSD Codes Of Vodafone

  • Vodafone DND: Call 1909
  • Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes: Dial *147#
  • Night Minutes Remaining: Dial *157#
  • Vodafone Special Offers: Dial *121# (or) Call 121
  • Movie Masala Alerts: Dial *123*1#
  • Vodafone Delights: Dial *111*1#
  • Check Last 3 Activities: Dial *111*2*3#
  • Vodafone Internet Data Credit Loan Code: Dial *111*1*3# and PRESS to 2
  • Vodafone Internet Settings: SMS “ALL” To 199
  • Vodafone Store Address: Dial *111*4# then enter 1 and PRESS check
  • New Vodafone Connection: Dial *111*4# then enter 2 and PRESS check
  • Regular Vodafone SMS Charging Days: Dial *111*4# then enter 3 and PRESS check
  • Vodafone Balance Transfer USSD Code: Dial *111*3# then enter 5 and again PRESS 1 and check
  • Call Me Back Request: Dial *111*10# then enter 3 and PRESS check
  • Balance Request: Dial *111*3# then enter 5 and again PRESS 2 and check
  • Vodafone Chhota Credit: Send SMS “Credit” to 144
  • Vodafone 3G/4G Internet Data Check: Dial *111*1*5# and PRESS 2
  • Vodafone 2G Internet Data Check: Dial *111*1*5# and PRESS 1
  • Vodafone Chhota Credit Code: Dial *111*1*3# and PRESS 1
  • Vodafone Balance Number (Date): Dial *111*6#
  • Vodafone Balance Number (Call): Dial *145#
  • Vodafone Know Your Number: Dial *8888# OR 164
  • Vodafone Data Plans Activation: Dial *111*6*1#
  • Account Information Update: Dial *111*11#
  • Vodafone Caller Tunes: Call 5525 OR 54206090
  • Usage Allowance Details: Dial *111*6*2#
  • Vodafone Bonus Card Dial: *111*7#
  • Customer Care: Call 111 OR 9400024365
  • IMEI Number: Dial *#06#
  • Check the 2G balance: Dial *141*9#
  • Vodafone Night GPRS Balance: Dial *123*8#
  • Vodafone SMS Balance Check: Dial *111*2*5*2#
  • Vodafone Value Combo Activation: Dial *123*2#
Vodafone ERW [CPS] IN

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Check If the Vodafone Recharge is Successful?

You can use the Vodafone USSD Codes to check recharge status just like you can check Vodafone data balance.

Is There a Difference between Vodafone balance check numbers and balance check USSD codes?

They are the same! You can use Vodafone USSD code number to check Vodafone recharge status as well.

How Do you Check Vodafone Data Balance?

To know your Vodafone data balance you can dial this Vodafone USSD Code *111*2#.

Can I Use These Numbers To Check My Vodafone Credit Balance also?

Yes. You can also use the aforementioned USSD Codes as the Vodafone credit balance number checks. Also, you can use Vodafone USSD Codes to learn how to check Vodafone data balance as well.

What do you mean by Vodafone Balance Enquiry Number?

Vodafone balance enquiry number is the USSD codes of Vodafone you can use to check you Vodafone data balance.

How To Check Internet Balance in Vodafone?

Dial the USSD code as *111*2# to know your internet balance in Vodafone. You can use the Vodafone app to know your internet balance.

Can you check your Vodafone number recharge status with Vodafone USSD codes?

Yes! You can do this status by using Vodafone recharge check number (Voda USSD Codes)

Vodafone ERW [CPS] IN

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