Top 13 TikTok Apps Alternative in India

Tiktok is a video making app that originated in China, and right from the time of its launch, it has been creating ripples in the content creation world. It was warmly received by the masses and it earned immense popularity all around the world. The popularity of TikTok also gave rise to multiple controversies regarding it and its content creators, and it still continues to be involved in controversies every now and then.

One of the biggest controversy surrounding TikTok is the security settings of the app. The app settings violates multiple privacy and security concerns of the users. The majority of the TikTok users are underage individuals, and this violation of the security and privacy has landed the app and its makers in several uncomfortable situations very often and has raised a lot of concerns.

India is one country that has gone ahead and taken the additional step of banning TikTok entirely in the country over such privacy and security concerns. This move by the government, however, was met with a lot of dissatisfaction as the app was a source of income for many creators. As such, many alternatives to TikTok has been launched in the Indian market, and a lot of old video making apps have been getting attention again. 

Here is a list of the Top 13 TikTok apps alternative in India currently:

1. ShareChat

ShareChat - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

ShareChat is an app that is Indian right to its roots. The makers of the app said that “ShareChat is founded by Indian, for Indians that demonstrate Indian sensibilities, needs and behaviours.” It is a video making social network that supports multiple languages, and it has risen to fame after the ban of TikTok. The app currently has over 60 million active users monthly, and it is available both for Android users as well as the Iphone users. ShareChat is one of India’s largest video making platforms currently, and it supports and promotes the sharing of regional content and content targeted towards the Indian public. It promotes itself as a safe space, free of any and all social stigmas and taboos, giving content creators artistic freedom to showcase their talents.

Download ShareChat: Android | iOS

2. Chingari – The Indian Made App

chingari - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

Chingari is one of the newer vide making apps in the Indian market, and it emerged right after the TikTok ban, which gave it fame and users pretty quickly and so far, it has got a lot of positive response. The Chingari app has more than 1,000,000+ downloads currently in the Google play store, and it does not seem that this app is going anywhere any time soon. The Chingari app not only provides the users with an easy to use social platform, but it also prides itself on ensuring that the safety, security and privacy of its users are violated unlike in the case of TikTok. Chingari is a homegrown app, and has received immense attention after Prime Minister Modi’s “Vocal For Local” campaign, and for all the right reasons.

Download Chingari: Android | iOS

3. Moj


Moj is hands down one of the most popular video making apps in India currently, and it has the backing of mostly the famous and loved influencers of the country. This only adds on to their fame. It is another innovative video sharing app, and it was developed by ShareChat. According to reports and statistics, Moj was downloaded over 50,000 times within two days of its launch back in July, 2020. It is another app that is made in India and it has a very interactive platform. The Moj app currently has over 7 million active users on it, and the app offers support for over 15 languages, including regional Indian languages like Tamil, Odia, Bengali, Assamese, and the like. Moj gives its users the ability to create and share vlogs on a variety of topic, ranging from food, sports, photography, to other more artistic vlogs. It also has many fun filled quick editing tools, stickers, and filters that helps in keeping the users engaged. Just like TikTok, it also allows its users to post music videos and lip sync videos.

Download Moj: Android | iOS

4. Triller

triller - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

Triller is an app that has an interface that is very similar to TikTok. It allows you to record videos and it is equipped with an auto editing algorithm that ensures that your videos reaches the right audience. The app is extremely easy to use, and is also very entertaining and has proven to be a very popular social platform. Even celebrities like Kevin Hart and Selena Gomez swear by this app to edit their social media videos. The Triller app helps feed the artist in you by over 50 different filters, video drawings, and the ability to trim or shorten your videos. It also has a widely loved collab option that allows you to make videos with others. The Triller app also allows you to share the videos you make on it to your other social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Download Triller: Android | iOS

5. Josh

josh - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

Josh is a fairly new app in the Indian video creating market, but it has been garnering quite a lot of attention since its launch. It has been launched by DailyHunt for Android devices, and it is equipped with a variety of regional Indian languages which allows people from all parts of the country to come together on this app and create videos in their own language with ease. The Josh app allows users to post videos of themselves singing, dancing, acting or just the classic lip syncing videos, and it also comes with a lot of filters and other such fun additions that allows the users to enhance their videos and make it more fun.

Download Josh: Android | iOS

6. Mitron – Indian Tiktok App


The Mitron App is another app that has seen an immense rise in popularity after the TikTok ban. However, much like TikTok, it has had its fair share of controversies, which even led to it being removed from the google playstore. This, however, is history, as it has eventually found its way back to the google play store, and has since been downloaded over 1 crore times in a very short time, which goes on to indicate the app’s wild popularity. This popularity stems from the extremely easy to use interface that the app provides its users with. The app was designed with an impressive UI, and it is equipped with several editing tools, filters, and stickers. It also provides a vast collection of sounds to choose from, and it also allows the usrr to use their own sound. All of these factors definitely weigh in in making sure that the users are thoroughly engaged and enjoying the app.

Download Mitron: Android | iOS

7. Vigo Video – Best Indian Alternative For TikTok

vigo video - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

The Vigo Video app has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most popular video making app in India currently. This app gives its users a social platform to create short and funny videos, and also promotes and supports the talents of its users, be it cooking, singing, dancing, acting, or the like. The video app is equipped with a real time camera that allows you to smooth out your skin, remove any imperfections and also allows you to enhance features like your eyes. The Vigo Video app allows you to connect with users all over the world, and it also allows you to earn money with it. The likes, shares, and subscribers are shown with a ‘flame’ sign, and this flame sign is much like an in-app currency that can later be transferred to your bank account. This makes the Vigo Video app truly one of its kind.

Download Vigo Video: Android | iOS

8. Mx TakaTak

mx takatak

If you are someone that felt very connected with TikTok, then the Mx TakaTak app is sure to peak your interest. The Mx TakaTak app is eerily similar to TikTok, right from its user interface, to its logo and logo colours. This might stem from the fact that this app was specifically designed to be heavily inspired be TikTok. However, Mx TakaTak has earned a huge fan base in India thanks to its own features, and it has been downloaded over 50 million times already. It offers sounds, dialogues, and music in a wide collection of regional languages that allows its users to create videos in their own mother tongue. It also comes with a plethora of other additional features like video editing tools, stickers, and filters that helps in making the videos more exciting and interesting.

Download MX TakaTak: Android | iOS

9. DubSmash – Pioneer In Short Video Making

DubSmash - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

DubSmash is one of the oldest and most loved apps in the video making world and has over a 100 million downloads. When it first came out, it was one of the first apps of its kind, and everyone was very quick to jump on it, be it common people or celebrities. It comes equipped with a huge collection of sounds, music, and dialogues that are available in a plethora of languages for the user to choose from. It also comes with add ons like stickers and fun filters that ensures that its users are thoroughly enjoyed with it.

Download DubSmash: Android | iOS

10. Likee- Magic Video Maker & Community

likee - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

Likee is an app that already had a dedicated fan base before the TikTok ban, but the TikTok ban has added to its popularity immensely. It is an app that is known for being extremely easy to use, and it comes equipped with several add on features that greatly helps its users in creating more exciting, interesting, and engaging content. The Likee app also comes with a special feature that notices any change in the volume or intonation of the music and immediately puts a music magic filter on it which fixes the issue without a glitch. It also allows the user to slow down or speed up a video according to their convenience, which helps in enhancing the video greatly when used correctly. It also has a huge collection of dialogues that the user can choose from. The Likee app also provides its users with a community where they can find like minded people and create new connections. It also allows its users to share their videos on several other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Download Likee: Android | iOS

11. Kwai


Kwai is another video making app that allows you to create videos lip syncing to your favourite song, dialogues or sound. However, that is not all that the Kwai app has to offer. The Kwai app provides its users with a highly interactive platform to share their videos on fashion, food, dance, photography, art, lip syncing, and more. It is also an excellent app for video editing, as it allows the users to use basic editing features like cutting, cropping, merging, trimming, stitching, etc. it also comes equipped with a lot of fun and interesting features like animated filters, dynamic stickers, 4D motion effects and a wide variety of fonts that allows the users to make their videos more appealing and engaging.

Download Kwai: Android | iOS

12. Funimate

funimate - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

Funimate is one of the many apps that gained immense popularity after the TikTok ban. However, unlike many of the other apps on this list, Funimate is not heavily inspired by TikTok. In fact, it offers its users with a lot of additional features that sets it apart from TikTok and many other video making apps in the Indian market currently. Funimate allows its users to create videos, but not only in the simple way, but with a lot of different variations like slow motion videos, video compilations and video loops, to name a few. It is designed to be very user friendly, and it comes equipped with more than 20 advanced video effects which allows its users to create better and engaging videos. It also comes with the option to merge two videos into one single clip, which ensures that you can not only create videos yourself, but also allows you to bring in your friends in all the fun.

Download Funimate: Android | iOS

13. Roposo

roposo - TikTok Apps Alternative in India

Roposo is another Indian video making app that has been ruling the Indian markets with its wild popularity and famous and young audience. Roposo has garnered immense attention in the lockdown period in India due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it has reached over 50,000,000+ downloads in a very short period of time. It is a short video making app, and what makes it a hit among its users is the user friendly and simple user interface that this app provides. It also has a lot of fun add-ons like stickers, filters and sounds to choose from. It is also available on both the Android play store, as well as the Iphone app store, which makes it even more accessible to the masses.

Download Roposo: iOS


TikTok was banned in India by the Indian government over security and privacy concerns. This left a huge gap in the video creation market in India, as TikTok was hugely popular in India. Several Indian brands came up with new video making apps to fil this gap, while several old apps got huge new-found attention. This list compiles 13 of the top TikTok alternatives in India currently.

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