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Top 10 Best Wrist Watch Brands For Men & Women in India 2021

The role of a watch is most quite a timekeeper. it’s the foremost premium fashion accent. With the smart features coming back within the scene the uses any increase manifold. If you’re looking to add to your collection of watches then certainly check the top 10 best wrist watch brands in India 2021.

Are you searching for best watch brands that are dominating the Indian online market? Here during this article, we tend to list down the best watch manufacturing and selling companies operative with success on the web.

As a result, many hot selling brands are ruling the Indian men’s watch market. a number of them are luxury brands with big international names and offer high end watches that you simply will boast concerning.

At the identical time, there are some domestic watch brands which offer quality watches at cheap prices. you’ll be able to explore our list of the best designer Watches for women under 2,000 in India.

There are such a lot of brands and ranging varieties of watches that you simply will make a choice from.

Moreover, the top options are on the market and embrace scratch resistance functions, timer, and waterproof moreover as changeable band choices.

Checkout 5 things before buying Best Wrist Watch

1 – Your Size

All watch faces are measured in millimeters. A watch face ideally ought to be large enough to sit down on your wrist joint comfortably with a small amount of its area occupied by wherever the band begins.
Most people can notice that a face of a watch that matches them well ranges between 34mm-50mm. Moreover, selecting the bets watch which will suit you well depends on the scale of your wrist.

2 – Watch Face

After you have got picked the proper size of the watch you would like, determinative the scale is another key point that almost all people miss on.
Think about however you would like your new timepiece to appear like and slim down on it whereas choosing the watch face that you simply can purchase. the main consider deciding the scale of the watch you would like is that the face for your data.

3 – Strap

Watches are offered in several plenty of straps at your disposal and it permits swapping yours out flexibly.
The most common casual straps are the NATO straps and that they named thus once the nylon versatile designs utilized by the military as a symbol of various countries.

4 – Watch Movement

A watch movement could be a mechanism that you simply will use to inform the time in regard to different things that the watch tells sort of a year, date and a few even tells you, the lunar part.
It is simple to be engulfed up by the graphical literature however in a nutshell, all watches are classified consistent with their movements and practicality.

5 – Price

After you have got already got the fundamentals, you’ll need to decide what quantity you’re willing to drop for a brand new watch.
Of course, the valuation of watches ranges from comparatively cheap, expensive, terribly costly so it’s necessary to work out the cash you’re willing to pay before you shop.
After taking within the above, you must have a far better plan of what makes a good watch and why some watches command such standing, respect – and price tags!
More significantly, you’ll shortly be ready to justify, to yourself a minimum of why you spent all that money on it chunk of metal, glass, and leather proudly sitting on your wrist joint.
All that aforementioned allow us to dive right in and see whats in store.

Top 10 Best Trending Brands to Buy Wrist Watches Online in India

  1. Titan
  2. Casio
  3. Timex
  4. Daniel Klein
  5. Citizen
  6. Guess
  7. Tommy Hilfiger
  8. Fossil
  9. Fastrack
  10. Giordano


Titan Watches

Titan is a leading watch brand that offers top quality wrist watches for men, women & kids and affordability at constant time. Titan is one in all the foremost precious watch brands for men & women in India. the company manufactures many fashionable brands like octane, Raga, Diva, insignia among others. Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan Brand that was launched keeping in mind the youth. Sonata is additionally a sub-brand of Titan. Also, check Fastrack watches for men below Rs. 1,000 on amazon.

Model Lineup: Automatic, Quartz
Types of Watches: Analog, chronograph, Digital, Analog-Digital
Price Range: Rs.655- Rs.21,995.
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender: Men/ Women/ kids

Top Trending Titan Wrist Watches : –


casio watches

Second Top brand in our list Best Watch Brands in India is Casio. Casio has been a preferred and most precious brand for ages.
It is a Japanese company that manufactures numerous electronic product, however the craze for Casio wrist watches are over the opposite product.
Casio Support, G Shock, Wave captor, Sheen, and building are some watch brands from Casio. They represent innovation and elegance.
The brand conjointly offers innovative ideas of connecting your smartphone with the watch, conjointly Casio was the primary company to launch a GPS atomic star watch.
They are most well liked amongst the younger generation for his or her digital watches.
Hence if you want to buy Casio watches in India you’d undoubtedly find an amalgam of fashion and technology.

Model Lineup: Intelligent Quartz, Automatic
Types of Watches: Analog, chronograph, Digital, Analog-Digital
Price Range: Rs.600- Rs.23,995.
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender: Men/ Women/ kids

Top Trending Casio Wrist Watches : –


timex watches

For decades Timex group USA, have delivered high-end wrist watches and that’s the explanation that creates the brand one among the leading brands in India. The Timex brand is famous for stylish Italian designs with German engineering watches that seems as an ace Titan wrist watch. Timex watches perceive the requirements of a personal and offers Intelligent Quartz for the style lovers, man collection for the fitness lovers and Expedition collection for the journey lovers. Timex is over a wrist watch because it the new Metropolitan collection takes care of your health, finds the number of calorie burned and far a lot of. the opposite fashionable brand of Times group are Helix, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo. Titan watches for women is also very trending in the market.

Model Lineup: Expedition, Weekender, Intelligent Quartz, E-Class, Fashion, Sports Marathon, Empera, Classics
Types of Watches It Make: Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph, Digital
Price Range: Rs.550- Rs. 17000
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender:Men/ Women/ Kids

Top Trending Timex Wrist Watches : –

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4. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is a global brand and is represented in over 50 countries worldwide. The Daniel Klein wrist watch brand offers high fashion watches with affordable prices from ranging somewhere close to Rs700 to as much costly you want. It’s also considered as one of the best watch brands for women so ladies here your chance to be head-turner diva and stand out in the crowd. These designs watch for men as well.

Model Lineup: Quartz
Types of Watches It Make: Analog
Price Range: Rs.250 – Rs. 4000
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender:Men/ Women

Top Trending Daniel Klein Wrist Watches : –

5. Citizen

citizen watches

Citizen wrist watches brand is a Japanese company, their best feature is that they are technically advanced and have innovative features. They have watches working on solar energy but their digital watches are much more famous, due to their pace they keep up with the trends it is listed as one of the best watches among youth. They also have analog, digital- analog and chronograph watches. Citizen wrist watch price starts from just Rs.500 in India.

Model Lineup: Eco-Drive, Satellite Wave, L, Promaster
Types of Watches It Make: Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph
Price Range: Each watch is a masterpiece hence it ranges from Rs.500- Rs.20,000
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender: Men/ Women/ Kids

Most Trending Citizen Wrist Watches : –

6. Guess

guess watches

This is a classy brand that blends fashion, style, and unique craftsmanship. Guess watches have an attractive design and a stylishly luxurious finish. you’re absolute to fall loving with this American wrist watch brand that has stunning models like Guess Sport, Guess Oasis, Guess Dress, Guess Pursuit and others. you’ll find each timepiece radiating in royal and pure stylishness. Also, the sturdy look of men’s watches would cause you to flaunt your watch at the party. To become a trendsetter with this outstanding watch. Guess wrist watch price in India start from Rs.5000 only.

Model Lineup: Guess Sport, Oasis, Dress, Pursuit, Celestial, Sparkler, Vessel, Viva, and many more.
Types of Watches It Makes: Analog, Digital, Chronograph
Price Range:  Rs.5000 – Rs.45,000
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender:Men/ Women/ Kids

Most Trending Guess Wrist Watches : –

7. Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger watches

Tommy Hilfiger watches is a well-known brand in the fashion world and popular brand among youth in India. They are known for their elegant, classy and comfortable designs which signify trendiness and cool fashion. They have a wide range for everyone be it a bold, vibrant, subtle or metallic finish. One of the foremost loved brands, Tommy Hilfiger watches for women features a sophisticated look which makes it everyone’s favorite. From elegant to sporty look, Tommy Hilfiger brand manufacturer’s unique sort of timepieces that might instantly pretty up the wrist of the wearer. Even the straps are available bold, vibrant colors also as in classic metallic finish. For men in fashion is that the sporty look, whereas for girls we’d suggest the rose gold timepieces that might elevate your personality.

Model Lineup: Classic Watches and Sports Watches
Types of Watches It Makes: Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph
Price Range: The starting price is Rs.3000 and goes upto Rs. 15000.
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender:Men/ Women/ Kids

Top Trending Tommy Hilfiger Wrist Watches : –

8. Fossil

fossil watches

The American brand Fossil is one of the best watch brands in India due to its stylish designs and affordable price range. It’s also a loved brand among men because of its sleek design. Fossil Q Wearable, Dean, Decker and more. You would fall loving with the high-end look of the American brand Fossil watches. it’ll become your best buddy in no time because the brand offers a large style of designs, styles, and features. you’ll even choose Fossil smartwatches which will provide you with the notifications of your mobile track every movement of yours, also as you’ll be able to customize the watch face designs. The sleek, sturdy and trendy designs of the Fossil watches are something worth noticing. We bet you’d be praised for your stylish choice.

Model Lineup: Fossil Q Wearables, Dean, Decker, Grant, Machine, Virginia, Retro Traveler, Cecile, Jacqueline, Riley, Stella, Georgia, Sport, Boyfriend, Stella, Pilot, Breaker, and more
Types of Watches It Makes: Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph, Digital
Price: Rs.4200- 23000
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender:Men/ Women/ Kids

Most Popular Fossil Wrist Watches : –

9. Fastrack

fastrack watches

This is the sole watch brand that defines the youth of the state. Fastrack watches brand is a sub-brand of Titan and was launched in 2008, since then it’s made an interesting mark on the younger generation. The admirable attractive and jazzy designs of Fastrack watch for girls make it a wannabe watch. Also being a reasonable brand, Fastrack definitely holds a special place in every girl and guy’s heart. Don’t we all heart Fastrack?

Model Lineup: Fastrack Sport, Tees, Tribe, Warpaint, Adrenaline Junkie, Explorer
Types of Watches It Makes: Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph, Digital
Price: Rs.650- Rs.5000
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender:Men/ Women/ Kids

Best Selling Fastrack Wrist Watches : –

10. Giordano

Giordano watches

The timepiece from Giordano is crafted for the people of the trendy day. Giordano watches for men is truly a masterpiece with swanky and classic designs which is an absolute winner for each fashion forward person. enjoys a dashing timepiece that has the proper blend of sophistication and suave. Giordano wrist watch offers chronograph display with automatic, quartz, analog and digital hand-driven movement. You even have a large range of straps variety, so Giordano features a plethora of designs that’s just meant to spoil you completely.

Model Lineup: Giordano Collection & Premier Collection
Types Of Watches It Makes: Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph, Digital
Price: Rs. 1,250 – Rs. 10,000
Websites to Buy: Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Limeroad.com, Tatacliq.com
Gender:Men/ Women/ Kids

Top Trending Giordano Wrist Watches : –

Other Popular Brands To Buy Wrist Watches in India

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