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Pampering Your Wife this Karwa Chauth

It is always a great deed to pamper your wives and what’s better than pampering your wife on Karwa Chauth. Karwa Chauth is a Hindu festival celebrated all across the globe by women for their husband’s long life. The festival takes place after 4 days of the full moon. During the festival, wives keep fast for their husband’s long life.

Gifting is a great option but what’s better than pampering your wife the whole day and make her relax for the entire day. Here are some very amazing options you can go for to give your wife a relaxing session and make this Karwa Chauth memorable and relaxing for her.

Ways for pampering your wife this Karwa Chauth

1. A Relaxing Spa Session

spa session best pampering ideas

The spa is an ultimate session that helps to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. If your wife is someones who have a hectic schedule Spa is the best option to go for. This won’t only help to detangle your mind knots but gives you an open mind space to recover the odds and discovering the new peace. Spa session helps in mental peace which is a must especially when you are stuck in hectic situations. This karwa Chauth gift your wife the perfect spa session so that she can not only relax but will be happy and cherish the little surprise.

2. Shopping is the best pampering partner


Women and shopping are the best of friends so why not just shower some immense love but taking her to shop. Let her buy whatever she wants from accessories to jewellery to her favourite makeup. This Karwa Chauth stuff her wardrobe with the best of the thing available and what her heart wants. There will always be a never-ending wishlist of what your wives want. So Karwa Chauth takes her out for the shopping this will let her know nothing is more important than her happiness. You can make her shop online too.

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3. A beautiful dinner surprise for pampering your wife

candle light dinner

As it is a Karwa Chauth and your wife will be fasting the whole day what’s better than surprising her with a beautiful candlelight dinner. After the moon comes out you can take your wife for a dinner. Take her to a good restaurant with some romantic ambience so that she can enjoy the food and feel love. The best surprise you can give her is by decorating the dining room with roses, lamps, and fragrant candles. You can order food or make them yourself and serve it. This will not only be special to her but will give her more happiness than materialistic things.

4. Love notes or A love letter

love notes a way of pampering

What better than a handwritten note or a letter for your beautiful wife. This is the best way to express your emotions to your wife as it may be difficult sometimes to convey what is our heart. You can always hide a note here and there under the things she uses so that whenever she finds a note she becomes happy. This is the best way to give her a beautiful smile while she is fasting for the whole day. Always try to hide a special note here and there for her.

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5. Cook Dinner for her

cook dinner for her

The best way to surprise her is by cooking a good dinner for her. What’s better than cooking her favourite meal by yourself. These small efforts make a big difference. So always try to do these small things that not only keep you engaged but will give your wife the best of the day. Try to figure out what she loves and prepare it for her so that she can remember your efforts lifelong.

6. Roses and Chocolates

chocolates and flowers

What about a room full of roses and chocolates who doesn’t love this kind of surprise. Try to give her some of her favourite flowers. As it is said flowers speak the language of love and chocolates add on that sweetness. Try to give your wife a rose and a box full of chocolate which she can enjoy after her fast is over. You can also plan the delivery of flowers every 2 to 3 hours so that the whole day she can receive the flowers and feel special.

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