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Videocon D2H Packs Price 2021 [Updated]: Recharge Plans & Channel Package Offers

Videocon D2H type is a pay-TV company that offers various DTH set-top boxes and channel packages. This company also has a variety of plans in its kitty depending on the user location and budget. Get Amazon Pay Cashback on Videocon D2H recharge Payment when you make a recharge via CouponGod. Check out the latest Videocon D2H Plans and know about the best and various channels that you get under these Videocon D2H packs.

Videocon D2H Recharge Offer: All Videocon D2H Packs Price List

Videocon D2H Recharge PlanChannelsPrice/Month
Amar Bangla Combo225190.35
Aamara Odia Combo228224,25
All In One English Combo219276.97
All In One English Hd Combo222371.20
Amcha Marathi Plus Combo249227.97
Amcha Marathi Combo248286.14
Amcha Marathi Hd Combo248448.95
Diamond Bengali Combo261337.88
Diamond Bengali Hd Combo264496
Diamond Combo260336.40
Diamond Gujarati Combo265337.47
Diamond Gujarati Hd Combo267479.05
Diamond Hd Combo261465.20
Diamond Kannada Combo234340.85
Diamond Kannada Hd Combo244528.25
Diamond Kids Bengali Combo252310.88
Diamond Kids Bengali Hd Combo258469.90
Diamond Kids Combo259315.40
Diamond Kids Gujarati Combo260306.18
Diamond Kids Gujarati Hd Combo266412.20
Diamond Kids Hd Combo261419.20
Diamond Kids Kannada Combo227288.11
Diamond Kids Kannada Hd Combo236419.65
Diamond Kids Malayalam Combo234280.15
Diamond Kids Malayalam Hd Combo241466.75
Diamond Kids Marathi Combo250294.89
Diamond Kids Marathi Hd Combo251439.10
Diamond Kids Odiya Combo254309.37
Diamond Kids Odiya Hd Combo255419.60
Diamond Kids Tamil Combo248284.73
Diamond Kids Tamil Hd Combo249468.25
Diamond Kids Telugu Combo248284.73
Diamond Kids Telugu Hd Combo249468.25
Diamond Malayalam Combo238332.85
Diamond Malayalam Hd Combo246535.45
Diamond Marathi Combo257290.64
Diamond Marathi Hd Combo262496.80
Diamond Odiya Combo261333.18
Diamond Odiya Hd Combo264486.05
Diamond Sports Bengali Combo263385.43
Diamond Sports Bengali Hd Combo266516.65
Diamond Sports Combo268372.40
Diamond Sports Gujarati Combo273373.03
Diamond Sports Gujarati Hd Combo274486.86
Diamond Sports Hd Combo269479.85
Diamond Sports Kannada Combo241394.69
Diamond Sports Kannada Hd Combo250587.90
Diamond Sports Malayalam Combo251377.70
Diamond Sports Malayalam Hd Combo249556.40
Diamond Sports Marathi Combo261380.43
Diamond Sports Marathi Hd Combo262516.85
Diamond Sports Odiya Combo263387.92
Diamond Sports Odiya Hd Combo268506.45
Diamond Sports Tamil Combo260409.23
Diamond Sports Tamil Hd Combo253574.40
Diamond Sports Telugu Combo262423.67
Diamond Tamil Combo254330.43
Diamond Tamil Hd Combo246506.95
Diamond Telugu Combo257378.82
Diamond Telugu Hd Combo248511.35
Dual Language – Karnataka Ap Hd Combo_Dormantapr20217359.5
Dual Language – Karnataka Ap Sd Combo_Dormantapr20218273
Dual Language – Karnataka Maharashtra Sd Combo212264.40
Dual Language – Kerala Tn Hd Combo_Dormantapr20204316.20
Dual Language – Kerala Tn Sd Combo_Dormantapr20205238.20
Dual Language – Tn Ap Hd Combo_Dormantapr20214372
Dual Language – Tn Ap Sd Combo_Dormantapr20215267
Dual Language Kannada Tamil Combo228227.97
Dual Language Kannada Telugu Combo246253.39
Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu Combo210282.10
Dual Language Malayalam Tamil Combo219211.02
Dual Language Tamil Kannada Combo228219.49
Dual Language Tamil Malayalam Combo231219.49
Dual Language Tamil Telugu Combo217219.49
Dual Language Telugu Tamil Combo219211.02
Gold Bengali Combo219253.20
Gold Bengali Hd Combo220346
Gold Combo243260.60
Gold Gujarati Combo247260.47
Gold Gujarati Hd Combo249356.30
Gold Gujarati Plus Combo257289.88
Gold Gujarati Plus Hd Combo256427.20
Gold Hd Combo245249.95
Gold Kannada Combo205237.86
Gold Kannada Hd Combo219348.70
Gold Malayalam Combo212220.10
Gold Malayalam Combo 6M211219.42
Gold Malayalam Hd Combo212297.10
Gold Marathi Combo223239.10
Gold Marathi Hd Combo224322.90
Gold Odiya Combo219242.40
Gold Odiya Hd Combo220306.20
Gold Tamil Combo223229.95
Gold Tamil Hd Combo224317.95
Gold Telugu Combo216249
Gold Telugu Hd Combo216319
Hamara Gujarati Combo240244.75
Hamara Hindi Combo236238.25
Hamara Punjabi Combo Dormant_Apr20255293
Hamara Punjabi Plus Hd Combo272404.95
Hamara Punjabi Plus Sd Combo271270.5
Hamara Up Combo250277.61
Hamara Up Hd Combo252411.95
Introductory Value Combo 1 Year Offer Pack19784.68
Introductory Value Combo 3 Month Offer Pack19698.58
Introductory Value Combo 6 Month Offer Pack19792.93
Introductory Value Combo Offer Pack @129197109.32
Mp Cg Ka Combo255302.36
New Kannada Non-Sun116154
New Telugu Non-Sun117155
Platinum Bengali Combo303457.53
Platinum Bengali Hd Combo305642.45
Platinum Combo299443.62
Platinum Gujarati Combo305443.63
Platinum Hd Combo307577.35
Platinum Kannada Hd Combo277634.80
Platinum Kannada Sd Combo285480.90
Platinum Malayalam Hd Combo280668.70
Platinum Malayalam Combo281483.90
Platinum Marathi Combo303452.53
Platinum Marathi Hd Combo305619.55
Platinum Odiya Combo302459.63
Platinum Odiya Hd Combo306604.75
Platinum Tamil Combo295501.48
Platinum Tamil Hd Combo280621.20
Platinum Telugu Combo290489.97
Platinum Telugu Hd Combo282625.60
Popular Bangla Combo190168.35
Popular Kannada Combo207168.5
Popular Malayalam Combo196168.55
Popular Malayalam Combo 6M195153.92
Popular Tamil Combo210167.85
Popular Telugu Combo198168.5
Sentamizh 6M With Mega147186.95
Silver Bengali Combo193197.80
Silver Bengali Hd Combo193217.80
Silver Combo Dormant_Apr20206180.85
Silver Combo New224189.70
Silver Gujarati Combo Dormant_Apr20212188.60
Silver Gujarati Combo New228184.90
Silver Gujarati Hd Combo214205.40
Silver Hd Combo208198.45
Silver Kannada Combo190171
Silver Kannada Hd Combo190171
Silver Malayalam Combo New210185.10
Silver Malayalam Hd Combo192179
Silver Marathi Combo192185.70
Silver Marathi Hd Combo192215.70
Silver Odiya Combo192181
Silver Plus Combo234224.55
Silver Plus Hd Combo236275.35
Silver Tamil Combo204192.70
Silver Tamil Hd Combo206241.70
Silver Telugu Combo195180
Silver Telugu Hd Combo195199
Tamizha Combo224142.80

Recharge Pack For Videocon D2H – Monthly/Yearly Package Offers

RegionVideocon D2H Package/PlanVideocon D2H Plan – Monthly Price (In Rupees)Videocon D2H Package – Annual Price (In Rupees)
North, East & WestVideocon D2H Plan –
Popular Subscription Package
North, East & WestVideocon D2H Package –Super Gold Subscription Plan2543048
North, East & WestVideocon D2H Package –Platinum Subscription Pack4665592
DelhiVideocon D2H Plan –
Popular Subscription Plan
DelhiVideocon D2H Pack – 
Super Gold Subscription Plan
DelhiVideocon D2H package –Platinum Subscription Plan4755700
South IndiaVideocon D2H Pack –Popular Subscription Offer1692028
South IndiaVideocon D2H Pack –Platinum Subscription Plan4665592
South IndiaVideocon D2H Offer –
Super Gold Subscription Plan

Videocon D2H Recharge Package – North, East & West India

Popular Subscription Package

Using this package users can enjoy 10 HD channels. This D2h Videocon offer includes a base pack with an addition to 10 HD channels. This is also an add-on pack.

LifestyleEpic, FYI TV 18, Discovery Jeet
KidsCartoon Network
Music9x Jalwa, Music India, Channel V
Serials and RealityStar Plus, Zee TV, Colours
Movies Star Gold, Movies OK, Sony Max
NewsZee Business, Aaj Tak, NDTV India

Super Gold Subscription Plan

In this add-on pack users can enjoy a total of 203 channels. This Videocon D2H offer also includes the base pack and 43 popular channels.

LifestyleFood Food, Living Foodz, Fox Life
KidsDisney Channel, Nick, Sonic Nickelodeon
MusicMTV, Sony Mix, 9XM, Zoom and B4U Music
Serials & RealitySony TV, Star Bharat, SONY Pal, Colors, &TV, Sab TV
Movies Zee Action, Zee Classic, UTV Action, Star Gold and Sony Max
NewsCNBC Awaaz, Zee News, ABP News, Aaj Tak, NDTV
InfotainmentDiscovery Channel, History TV 18 and Nat Geo Channel

Platinum Subscription Plan

This gives an add-on pack add wherein users can enjoy a total of 242 channels. This D2h Videocon Offers includes the base pack and 63 popular channels.

Lifestyle Living Foodz, Nat Geo People, Homeshop 18
KidsBaby TV, Hungama, Discovery Kids, Disney XD
InfotainmentDiscovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Net Geo, History TV

Videocon D2H Package – Delhi

Popular Subscription Plan 

This pack is add-on wherein users can enjoy 10 HD channels. This Videocon D2H plan includes the base pack.

Serials and RealitySony TV, Star Bharat, Sony SAB
MoviesUTV Movies, Rishtey Cineplex, & Pictures
NewsAaj Tak, CNBC Awaaz, ABP News
LifestyleEpic, FYI TV 18, Discovery Jeet
KidsCartoon Network
Music9x Jalwa, Music India, Channel V
InfotainmentNat Geo Channel, Animal Planet

Super Gold Subscription Plan

In this pack, the users can enjoy 203 channels. This D2h Videocon Offers includes the base pack and 42 popular channels.

Serials & RealitySony TV, &TV, Star Bharat
MoviesB4U Movies, Sony Max 2, Zee Action
NewsRussia Today, Zee News, Zee Business
LifestyleEpic, FTV, NDTV Good Times, Fox Life
Kids Sonic Nickelodeon, Nick Jr Nickelodeon, Nick
MusicZing, 9X Jalwa, Channel V
InfotainmentDiscovery Channel, History TV 18, Nat Geo Wild

Platinum Subscription Plan

This is a pack where users can enjoy 242 channels which consists of 63 popular channels. It includes the D2h Videocon Offers.

Lifestyle Living Foodz, Nat Geo People
KidsBaby TV, Hungama
InfotainmentDiscovery Science, Discovery Turbo

Videocon D2H Recharge Offer – South India

Popular Subscription Plan

In this add-on pack wherein users can enjoy 10 HD channels.

Serials and RealitySony Pal, &TV, Bindass
MoviesZee Classic, Zee Cinema and Sony MAX 2
NewsNews 18 India, ABP News and Zee News
LifestyleEpic, FYI TV 18, Discovery Jeet
KidsCartoon Network
Music9x Jalwa, Music India, Channel V
InfotainmentNat Geo Channel and Animal Planet

Super Gold Subscription Plan

In this add-on pack users can enjoy 203 channels. This pack also includes the base pack and 42 popular channels.

Serials and RealityZee TV, & TV, Sony Pal
MoviesB4U Movies, Star Gold, Sony Max
NewsCNBC Awaaz, Zee Business, Zee News
LifestyleLiving Foodz, Fox Life, Food Food
Kids Sonic Nickelodeon, Nick Jr Nickelodeon, Disney Channel
MusicMTV Beats, Sony Mix, Zing
InfotainmentNat Geo Channel, Nat Geo Wild

Platinum Subscription Plan 

in this add-on pack users can enjoy a total of 242 channels.

LifestyleNat Geo People
KidsBaby TV, Hungama
InfotainmentDiscovery Science, Discovery Turbo
VideoCon Offers
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recharge my Videocon D2H?

There are a few options available through which you can recharge your D2H connection:

  1. Official Website of Videocon: You can log onto the official Videocon website and click on the recharge tab. Enter your registered customer ID and hit submit. You can even login using your mobile number. Select your pack and pay via debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI, or online wallet.
  2. Online Wallets: There are various online wallets through which you can pay or recharge your Videocon D2H services such as Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, and Amazon Pay. You have to enter your customer ID and select your plan and proceed to pay.
  3. Via CouponGod: Visit the retailer from our store page Videocon D2H offers and also earn cashback on your transactions to save more!

How can I reach out to Videocon D2H customer care?

You can contact Videocon Customer care in the following ways:

  • The Videocon D2H Customer Care: 91156 91156 / 0120-3989677
  • Videocon Offer Customer Care Email: customercare@d2h.com
  • The Videocon D2H Complain Forum: https://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews

How can I get a new Videocon D2H connection?

You can get a new Videocon D2H connection in the following ways:

  • New Connection Form: In order to get a new connection with Videocon D2H services, you can simply visit the link on the website for services and fill the form required.
  • Callback: You can also ask Videocon for a callback by going on the link given on the website and talking to their representative regarding a new connection.
  • Dealer Near You: You can also locate your nearest Videocon D2H dealer by visiting the link for the nearest dealers for initiating a new connection quickly.

What are the D2H HD Channels Videocon Offers?

Videocon has a variety of HD Packs like:

  • New South Gold Sports HD
  • Platinum HD Plan
  • Gold Kids HD Plan
  • South Gold Sports Kids HD
  • New Gold Sports HD
  • New South Platinum HD
  • Gold Sports Kids HD
  • New South Gold HD Plan
  • South Gold Maxi HD Plan
  • New Diamond HD Plan
  • New South Diamond HD Plan
  • Super Gold HD Plan
  • Gold Max HD Plan

What are the best Videocon D2H recharge offers?

You can avail the following offer on CouponGod while recharging your Videocon D2H:

Amazon Offer: Get Upto 100% Amazon Pay Balance on a Minimum Videocon D2H Recharge of Rs 125. Check out our Videocon recharge offer on Amazon for more details.

Are the Videocon Recharge plans in accordance with TRAI guidelines?

Videocon D2H recharge plans have been revised and are as per the new TRAI guidelines by respecting the whole “freedom of choice”. The customer is now free to choose their own entertainment channels and pay.