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20 Latest New Trending Blouse Designs in 2021

Each woman now is exploring for new trending blouse designs that would suit them best. A very common saying goes that “A saree is grace in a garment”, and rightly so. A saree is one of the most graceful and simple yet sophisticated clothing item that one can wear. Gone are the days where sarees were only worn in one way, and more and more people are experimenting with the saree to come up with new styles. A blouse is equally important as the saree, and it can make or break your look. Pairing the right blouse with a saree can give you the sophisticated and fashionable look that will surely turn a few heads.

Choosing the right new Trending Blouse designs can be pretty confusing as there are a lot of styles out there. Because of this reason, a lot of us go for the classic and simple blouses that go with every saree and do not experiment much with our blouse styles. 

There are a lot of new and stylish blouse styles coming out in the market, and the plethora of designs are sure to spike your interest and inspire you to change up your blouse game for the better. Here are 20 new trending blouse designs to look out for:

Top 20 Luxury New Trending Blouse Designs

1. Sequinned Blouse

Sequinned Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

Who does not love a little sparkle in their life? Sequins are no longer limited to just gowns and dresses, and this sequinned blouse will give your saree just the right amount of sparkle and fashion factor. Pair this sequinned blouse with a solid saree and you will have your own little Bollywood moment!

You can get this sequinned blouse here. 

2. Strapped Blouse with Embroidery

Strapped Blouse with Embroidery - New Trending Blouse Designs

Are you someone that likes mixing Indian ethnic clothing with a dash of western styling? If that is the case, you will love this blouse. After all, nothing screams indo-western like a blouse with thin straps and heavy embroidery work!

You can get this blouse here. 

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3. Net Embroidered Blouse

Net Embroidered Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

If you are someone that prefers to keep your sarees simple and let your blouse do all the talking then blouse is sure to catch your eye. This net embroidered blouse immediately amps up your fashion game to a few notches and the light and printed net ensures that you are also comfortable without putting up with the extra weight of heavy sleeves. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

You can get this blouse here.

4. Thin Strapped Blouse

Thin Strapped Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

Trying to find a strapless blouse but afraid of a wardrobe malfunction? This embroidered blouse with extremely thin straps is your answer! The thin straps are barely visible and will give you the looks of a strapless blouse without the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction.

You can get this blouse here.

5. Embroidered Blouse

Embroidered Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

Embroidery on a blouse is a classic fashion style, and no one can question that. This sleeveless and heavily embroidered blouse adds the classic touch to your saree and the sleeveless style is a definite cherry on top! 

You can get this Embroidered Blouse here.

6. Buttoned Blouse

Buttoned Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

Looking to buy a blouse but not a big fan of the hooks used on blouses? This buttoned blouse is the blouse for you. The off white colour and the wide transparent sleeves add on to the charm of this blouse.

You can get this Buttoned Blouse here.

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7. Embroidery and Embellished Blouse

Embroidery and Embellished Blouse

If you are looking for a blouse that is embroidered, but are not looking for heavy embroidery, then your search ends here. This blouse with blight embroidery work, and embellishments around the neck will add even more grace to your saree look effortlessly.

You can get this Embroidery and Embellished Blouse here. 

8. Printed Round Neck Blouse

Printed Round Neck Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

This printed round neck blouse with a special design at the bottom is sure to add that ‘wow factor’ to your look. The simple and beautiful design ensures that you can pair it not only with sarees, but also with other clothing for an indo-western look.

You can find this Printed Round Neck Blouse here.

9. Mirror Work Blouse

Mirror Work Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

Mirror work on clothing has been a big part of the Indian culture, and this beautiful sleeveless blouse with light mirror work on it will surely land you a few compliments. 

You can get Mirror Work Blouse here.

10. Dramatic Sleeves

Dramatic Sleeves

This printed black blouse with embellishments and the cape style dramatic sleeves is surely to turn a few heads in your way. The dramatic sleeves ensures that it boosts up the entire look. You can pair it with a saree or a pair of desi pants and go about looking and feeling like a superstar.

You can get Dramatic Sleeves here.

11. Collared Blouse

Collared Blouse

Whoever said collars look good only on a shirt was clearly lying. This printed collared blouse gives your saree a vintage look and immediately adds a charm to it.

You can get Collared Blouse here.

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12. High Neck Blouse

High Neck Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

Black is considered an universally flattering colour, and high-necked clothing is considered to be classic. Mix these two together and you have an absolute winner. This black high neck blouse will give you an effortlessly stylish look.

You can get High Neck Blouse here.

13. Wide Sleeved Blouse

Wide Sleeved Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

Wide sleeved blouses are very in trendy currently. They add a levl of sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit. This georgette wide sleeved blouse will make you look ashionable while ensuring your utmost comfort. 

You can get Wide Sleeved Blouse here.

14. Heavy Embroidered Blouse

Heavy Embroidered Blouse

An embroidered blouse adds sophistication and grace to your outfit like none other. Every woman should have an blouse with heavy embroidery work in her wardrobe becsuse multiple outfits can be created around that one blouse. This blouse features beautiful embroidery on it that will surely make you look and feel more feminine.

You can get Heavy Embroidered Blouse here.

15. Round Neck Blouse

Round Neck Blouse

A round neck blouse is the most reached for blouse design, and yet, it is always in style. This round neck blouse will give you a casual, yet trendy look effortlessly. 

You can get Round Neck Blouse here. 

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16. Ruffle Work Blouse

Ruffle Work Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

Ruffles add a new level of chic and feminine factor to any clothing. This simple and elegant ruffled work blouse is the epitome of beauty and simplicity, all in one. 

You can get Ruffle Work Blouse here

17. Solid High Neck Blouse

Solid High Neck Blouse

Nothing screams fashion like a solid colour, and this blouse with its mid-length sleeves and high neck style will make you look elegant and poised in every setting. 

You can get Solid High Neck Blouse here. 

18. Deep Neck Blouse

Deep Neck Blouse

A deep neck blouse has always been the talk of the town, and this blouse is no different. This blouse comes in a V-neck cut, and it’s velvet clothing ensures that you look regal and elegant in any outfit that you match it with. 

You can get Deep Neck Blouse here. 

19. Frock Style Peplum Blouse

Frock Style Peplum Blouse

This frock style peplum blouse adds a super fun element in your outfit. The trendy peplum style also ensures that you can pair it with Indian and western wear alike. 

You can get Frock Style Peplum Blouse here. 

20. Boat Neck Blouse

Boat Neck Blouse - New Trending Blouse Designs

 The boat neck blouse has recentky emerged as one of the most loved blouse designs. This boat neck blouse with its vibrant colour and tiny embellishments amps up your style game effortlessly and ensures that you are keeping up with the latest trend. 

You can get Boat Neck Blouse here. 

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A blouse is essential to a saree, and the right blouse can make or break a look easily. This article lists 20 New Trending Blouse Designs to help you find and choose a blouse that makes you feel like a Queen.