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Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha- Stories behind the Festival

Karwa Chauth is around the corner preparing and Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha is something everyone listens to. Following the roots, everyone has some Kathas related to Karwa Chauth which is recited to every woman taking karwa Chauth fast either by an elderly woman or a priest.

The festival is followed up by a Sargi (food platter) which is prepared by the mother in law. The women who are going to take fast have to bathe in the morning and properly dress up. Then the mother in law gives the Sargi and that has to be eaten by the daughter in law. The festival is all about the beliefs and traditions we are carrying forward. On this day women get decked up in new outfits getting completely ready like a new bride. The whole day they keep fast for the long life of their husbands. From Mehendi to blingy outfits to perfect makeup women are dressed up to the toe.

During the time of evening prayer, there are different Katha are told by the elderly woman and then the rituals are continued.

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Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha

1. Girl with 7 Brothers

Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha

There was a girl you had 7 brothers. Being a single sister to 7 brothers she was pampered, cherished, and loved a lot. Soon the girl was married and has to leave the house and start a new life. The brothers were sad for letting their sister go but they can not do anything before rituals and traditions.

A year passed and as per the tradition the girl has to return back to her motherhouse. The brothers were happy as their sister was back home. It was the time of karwa Chauth and sister was seeing fast for the whole day. Seeing their sister hungry and thirsty the brothers were sad and wanted to do something for her. They persuaded their sister to eat something but she refused to eat. So brother decided to create a fake moon and let their sister break the fast. They prepared everything and called their sister outside. One brother climbed the highest tree and put a sieve and through that, they showed a flame that acted as the moon. The sister believed her brother and broke the fast with proper rituals. she drank the water and ate sweets.

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Story Continuation..

The moment she sat down to eat the food the news arrived that her husband is dead. She was heartbroken and prayed to the Goddess the whole day and night. The Goddess appeared before her and told her about how she was tricked by her brothers. Then she instructed her to return back to her husband’s place and wait for the whole year near her husband’s body. Then next year she keeps the fast again. The girl did exactly she was instructed and a year later she took the fast and then as promised by the goddess her husband regained his senses and they were reunited.

This is the one story that is told by the women in Karwa Chauth. One story is considered inauspicious on an auspicious day. Here is the second story related to Karwa Chauth.

2. The Chatakminar (Ganesh) and the rice pudding (Karwa Chauth Katha)

Karwa Chauth Ganesh Katha

Once Ganesha disguised himself as Chatakminar (saint) and went into the village. He had a bowl that has some milk and a few rice grain which was tied in a cloth. He went to a small village and asked each of them to come and make a rice pudding with him. Everyone passed by laughing and mocking him. Wandering here and there the saint went to the outskirt of the village. There he found a small hut. He constantly knocks on the door and an old woman came out of the house. The saint requested the old woman to help him with rice pudding.

Being generous towards guests she wasn’t able to say no. She decided to help him make the rice pudding. The saint ordered the pious woman to bring the largest vessel present in the house. The woman told him that she doesn’t have a big vessel. The saint gave her to trust him and when she went inside she found a huge copper pan. At that moment she was sure that he wants an ordinary saint. They then poured the milk into the pan and it was filled to the brim. The moment the woman opened the rice pouch she and saw that it was as deep as a sack. She poured the rice and then the saint asked the woman to call the villagers on the feast. The villagers were amused to see the poor woman calling them to eat the rice pudding.

Story Continuation..

They all went there and meanwhile, the daughter of the lady took care of the rice pudding. The villager saw a large vessel full of rice pudding. The villagers ate and were full and yet there was some pudding left in the vessel. After this, the saint asked the elderly woman to dig a hole in the backyard. Put the vessel inside that and the next morning the vessel will be full of gold. The woman did exactly the same as what she was instructed. However at the night as soon as the woman went to sleep the daughter went to the backyard and dig the hole again. She saw that the vessel was full of stones. When she came inside she saw some expensive items to turn to the stone she cried and woke her mother.

The woman rushed to the saint and told her what happened. the saint said-” your daughter is blinded by greed, Go back and bury the pot again and then see in the morning the pebbles will turn to gold”. The woman did the same and the next morning she found a vessel full of gold.

These are the two stories which are told by the elderly woman during the fast.

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