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Best Karwa Chauth Special Saree Collection 2021

karwa Chauth is a festival all about dressing up in your favorite sarees and lehengas. It has been celebrated all around the globe by Hindu women. The little details about the festival make it more special. Red is the auspicious color considered in Indian traditions. New brides and even the one who already married for years prefer red color to wear on karwa Chauth.

Colours and everything decides with the time but the main focus is to decide the outfit. What’s better than carrying a saree as an outfit for the day. Many women choose saree over other outfits as the 6 yards of beauty gives elegance and edge to your look. This always remains a timeless beauty and epitome of elegance. Overall sarees become a beautiful statement outfit. So if you are considering saree as and option this Karwa Chauth here are different saree you can opt for. These don’t only look classic but add vibes to your whole Karwa Chauth look.

Sarees to Style this Karwa Chauth

1. From the house of Banaras

Banarasi sarees

Banarasi Karwa Chauth Saree the heart of Banaras are intricated in the handlooms. These are one of the festive staples as the saree is weave by hands. There are many cloth companies selling the machine-made sarees but the handwoven have their own vibe. These are pure great for the festive period.

The saree gives you more of a luxurious drape. These are great for the Karwa Chauth occasion. You can always find authentic Banaras saree in the stores if you can locate one or you can shop online. There are different designs and colours available in the market to choose from what you love and vibe in.

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2. The Classic Saree

Classic sarees

There may be some of you who want to go for the age-old stapled piece in your wardrobe. If you want to have a heavy draping 6 yards beauty you can go for a classic Karwa Chauth Saree piece. Wearing a classing heavy drape will not only suit you entirely but will also suit the occasion. If you want to ditch lehengas you can go for a heavy classic saree piece. You can go for material like a gleam of sequins, the metallic sheen of zardozi, and a bit of rhinestone will complete your classic festive-look.

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3. Lehenga Sarees

lehenga sarees

It is not possible that everyone can drape a saree. If you are someone who wants to ditch a normal saree you can go for a lehenga saree. You can always opt for a bright colour lehenga Karwa Chauth Saree. You can always consider this saree as an option to go for. These are easy to wear and you get a lehenga and saree in one. These are more comfortable to wear than those classic pieces and give an edgy look too. So if you are someone who expects comfort from a saree and wants a modern drape then you can choose this saree.

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4. Plain Sarees

plain saree

Not everyone has a taste for heavily embroidered saree if you are also the one you can opt for plain printed sarees. These not only provide a subtle look but gives you more space to play with your looks. This saree also provides a statement look. You can pair them up with some heavy blouse and this can easily turn out to be a stylish and modern look. You can add some heavy accessories to the look. You can go for different drapes frilly, ruffle, edges, and many more.

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5. Bandhani Saree

Bandhani Saree

A printed georgette Bandhani saree adds the traditional touch to the look. If you are someone who prefers to be stuck to the roots can go for this saree. The Bandhani Karwa Chauth Sarees are from the house of Rajasthan. These don’t only look fashionable but also are comfortable to wear and the fabric is breathable. These are suitable if you are looking for comfort and fashion under one roof. If you are eyeing on traditions you can go for these sarees.

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