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50 Karwa Chauth Gifts for Wife or Husband

Karwa Chauth gifts are exciting for both women and men. Gifts are a medium to convey your gratitude and feelings towards your loved ones. This Karwa Chauth tries to surprise your wife and husband with a token of love which will remain a sweet memory for them. It is an important day for both as nowadays husbands do keep fast to support their wife whole day long so why just not appreciate their efforts too.

Best Karwa Chauth Gifts option which you can use to surprise her

For Coffee lover wife’s

This is the best choice if your wife is a coffee lover as coffee lovers can’t start there day without coffee. Make her coffee-making easy with this modern coffee maker.

Philips HD7431/20 760-Watt Coffee Maker

If she is serious about her kitchen

You can gift her this set of stainless steel kitchen gadgets that will make her cooking easier and she will be able to slice, chop well.

AmazonBasics Premium Stainless Steel Knife Set with Block

Beautiful Watch as Karwa Chauth Gifts

This can be a perfect gift for your wife, there can be many good watches out there in the market but this is the one she will love. Its made of stainless steel so
that she can wear it every day.

Fossil Analog Rose Gold Dial Women's Watch - BQ3026

A Cute Hand Bag as Karwa Chauth Gifts

A Bag is part of a women’s outfit. This satchel can be a perfect choice Smooth design, good quality, decent colour such a cute bag to gift.

Caprese Shally Women's Satchel (Grey and Pink)

Bag for modern women as Karwa Chauth Gifts

An outfit is incomplete without a perfectly matching handbag. This is such an appealing handbag looks so elegant and trendy. A must-have for a modern

Lavie Women Handbag (Teal)(HSBV015043J3)

Routine Night Care Products

This can be a perfect product to keep your skin look healthy after having a stressful day. She can utilize these products daily at night and can feel relaxed.

lama ayurveda skin care

Personalized Gifts for your Wife

Get some goodies personalized for your bedroom with photos of both of you. Make sure to put the best memories of both of you.

personalized gift for your wife

Protect her eyes from sun rays

This aviator can be used as sunglasses as well as protects your eyes with UV rays. Protect her eyes with those harmful rays also no matter what occasion
it is this won’t disappoint her.

Protect her eyes from sun rays

Bring some positive energy to her life

Get this Divine Nine Gemstones Ring to get some positive energy to life. This can be used in daily life as it is made of silver which helps you to keep your body cool, its not much heavy so you can wear it all day long.

navratana ring

Earings or Jhumkis as Karwa Chauth Gifts

If you are looking to gift your wife a pair of earrings then you must go for this beautiful designed Jhumki. Earings are something which can make any women
smile so it’s hard to go wrong for a jhumki.

Make her cooking easier

A microwave is the best equipment that can make someone’s cooking easier. This all is one kind of microwave that can help her a lot in kitchen and can make her work easy.

Make her cooking easier

Make her feet comfortable

A perfect sandal is something that makes your feet feel comfortable and relaxed. These sandals are very much comfy and look super luxurious.

perfect sandal

A perfect Hair Dryer as Karwa Chauth Gifts

This is a perfect choice to make, this is the best hair dryer ever. It is fast and safe also it prevents damage to your hairs that is caused because of heat and
protects the shine of your hair.

hair dryer and hair accessories as Karwa Chauth gifts

Make her Dish Washing easy

This can help you spend more time with her. This dishwasher will save a lot of time for her and she can spend that time with you. With this stylish and modern
dishwasher makes her life easy.

dishwasher as Karwa Chauth gifts

Tell her how much you love her

If you want to express her how much you love her then this is the right choice. This beautiful bulb contains 52 scrolls with reasons why I love you.

Karwa Chauth gifts

A Mixer as Karwa Chauth Gifts

A mixer can be a good gift that can make cooking easier.

mixer and grinder as Karwa Chauth gifts

Foot Massager as Karwa Chauth Gifts

After a hectic and a day full of stress let her relax her feet with this foot massager. You can use customized operation feature to decide which body part to
focus on.

foot massager as Karwa Chauth gifts

Skin Spa

This is one of the best beauty products that you can gift her. She can make her skin smooth and clean with the help of this.

epilator for women


It looks pretty also women like to wear an anklet with her high heeled shoes, canvas shoes, sandals, and slippers.

anklet for Karwa Chauth gifts

Ring as Karwa Chauth Gifts

Propose her again on your knees and gift her a ring which will make her smile and will bring a glow on her face.

Ring as Karwa Chauth Gifts


Surprise her with a cute pendent that she can wear in daily life. This is the best choice if you want to gift her a pendant as it’s very pretty and decent also she
can wear it in her routine life.

pendant as Karwa Chauth gifts

Clothing for the day

If you wish to make her day special get her a dress which she can wear on Karwa Chauth. This will make her Karwa Chauth special also you will be happy to see
her smiling.

Daily makeup routine

Get the things she uses as a part of your daily makeup. This can be a perfect choice with the best quality.

Daily makeup routine

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – New and improved smart speaker with Alexa (White)

Gift her a good Bluetooth speaker which she can use to listen to songs while working or while she is the mood to listen to songs.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Chocoholic wife

Get her some good chocolates if she loves to eat chocolates. You can gift her these chocolates to satisfy her cravings of chocolates. It has 24 pieces of luxury

Chocoholic wife

Traditional Jewelry as Karwa Chauth Gifts

Get your woman a fascinating jewellery set and make her feel like a queen. This is the best choice as it consists of a necklace and a pair of earing which will
complete her Indian attire.

Traditional Jewelry as Karwa Chauth Gifts

Mobile Phones

Mobile is something which makes you close even if you are not close to each other. Gift her a mobile phone and let her know that you always want her to be
close to you.

iPhone 11 as Karwa Chauth gifts


Maker her dinner night special with you with a glass of good wine. This is a perfect wine which you can gift her and enjoy the same with her at the dinner time.


Karwa Chauth Gifts For Men

Headphones for the best music experience

If he is fond of listening to music headphones can be a good choice to gift him. These headphones provide a good base as well as it supports google assistant
and also compatible with all devices.

Headphones for the best music experience

Skin Care kit

Gift him this skincare kit which he can use and make his skin glow after a hectic schedule. This kit includes a charcoal mask and face wash which he can
utilise and clean his skin in day to day routine.

skin care kit as Karwa Chauth gifts

A watch

A watch is an important part of a men’s outfit. If you are planning to gift him a watch this is the perfect classic choice to gift him This is a durable watch which
has excellent performance.


Complete his suit

A tie is something that is required to complete a suit. If you which to buy a tie for him this is the best set to complete his suit.

Complete his suit with tie

A stylish Bag for his office

Make him look more stylish by gifting him a stylish messenger bag. If you are planning to buy a messenger bag then this is the right choice as it is very much durable which he can use to protect his laptop and also to carry is office stuff.

office bag as Karwa Chauth gifts

A good shaving kit

Make his shaving easy with a shaving kit. This is one of the best shaving kits you can gift to your husband. This kit has the finest and most premium
shaving essentials.

A good shaving kit


Complete his outfit by gifting him a wallet. This wallet will be perfect for him as this is a small size wallet that can carry most of his small stuff which
includes cash, a card, some small papers.

wallet for Karwa Chauth gifts

Formal Shirt

Buy a formal shirt for him which he can wear to the office. This is a perfect choice to buy as this is a very decent colour also the cloth is very comfy.

Formal Shirt

Wine glasses

This is something that makes men happy as they always want to make their wine time perfect. These glasses can be a perfect choice as they are light in
weight and have a sleek design.

wine glass as Karwa Chauth gifts

Sun glasses as Karwa Chauth gifts for men

Help him to keep his eyes safe from sunlight. Consider these glasses if you wish to gift glasses to your man. These glasses are very comfy also he can carry
them in daily routine.

Sun glasses as Karwa Chauth gifts for men

Laptop as Karwa Chauth Gifts

Get a good laptop for him which he can utilise in his office and can make his work easier. This can be a good laptop to gift to him as it is very sleek and
small also very lightweight.

Laptop as Karwa Chauth Gifts

Sound bar as Karwa Chauth gift for men

If he loved to listen to loud music then you can gift him this soundbar its base is amazing also the product quality is decent.

Sound bar as Karwa Chauth gift for men

Slippers as Karwa Chauth gifts

Get him a pair of slippers which he can wear at home and can relax his feet. This could be a good choice to get for him as they are very comfy and light

Slippers as Karwa Chauth gifts

Hair Grooming Kit as Karwa Chauth Gifts

Help him to groom his hair at home like saloons. Buy this hair grooming kit as this is one the best available in the market which has all-natural material and is good for hair growth.

Hair grooming kit


Get him a good perfume which he can use and smell good. This is a perfect choice to buy as it’s long-lasting also it is not much strong made of natural products.



A comfortable t-shirt can be a good choice to gift. You can buy this t-shirt and gift it to your man as this t-shirt is 100% cotton and can be used in any season also, it looks decent and sober.



If he is fond of gadgets then get him a good cell phone. This cell phone will be a perfect one that you can gift to him as this is based on modern technology also it has a premium look.


Bluetooth Device

If your man is always travelling then you can gift him a Bluetooth device that he can use to make and receive calls while he is driving or chilling.

Bluetooth Device

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