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Charcoal Face Mask Is So Famous For Skin, Knows Benefits ?

We understand the issue is real and the struggle is epic when it comes to skin care!

Skin care has become a multi-dimensional problem with ever growing pollution. The polluted environment has not shown any leniency in causing distress in mental and emotional state of people.

Here’s an important question;

What’s the most popular known solution to skin related problems which is also quick? The answer to that would be; “charcoal face mask“. A simple spread it, dry it and peel it off solution better promoted as panacea for all the skin care problems. Charcoal face masks are gaining popularity over TV, social media networks, and discussions. Oh Yea, we just heard it, everywhere!

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The charcoal used in the face mask is activated charcoal produced in a complex process. The process of making activated involves heating of small particles of saw dust and coconut shells at very high temperatures. Then to activate the charcoal, the steam or very hot air is used to create absorptive areas in the small particles. Once the absorptive area is created, the charcoal(used in face mask) is activated to absorb impurities, poison, germs & harmful bacteria from the skin.

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Benefits of Charcoal Face Masks:

We have been hearing that, charcoal face masks work like wonder to the face. Let’s talk about the benefits that charcoal based face masks cause to the skin care problems.

Absorb Impurities From the Skin

Activated charcoal is known absorbent for years now and has been used to treat people who have swallowed poison by any means. The same nature of charcoal is now being used as absorbent in face masks that are known as charcoal face masks. This nature of absorbing helps charcoal facemasks pull out impurities out of skin.

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Blackheads Removal

Blackheads, are real pain for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Many home-made or medically approved treatments are available in the market claiming to remove blackheads. Charcoal is on the top of the list for removing the blackheads from the face. Having this unique nature of absorbing impurities from the deep skin, charcoal face mask are applied as paste on the face, then they are left to dry & peeled-off to pull out impurities that cause blackheads.

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Treats Acne

Acne is painful and creates blackheads while they go away automatically. Preventing them is better solution than curing them once they have already come up. Charcoal face masks are good for acne treatment. Activated charcoal works wonder on fighting acne causing germs, absorbing the impurities, and reduces inflammation. Once the impurities have come out of the deep skin, their good amount of sun-rays, air and moisture available for skin avoiding acnes.

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Removes Dead Skin

Alive and bright skin is responsible for smile and happiness! To remain so, we need to make sure our skin is healthy. Dead skin is something that causes dryness on the skin and hampers the health of skin that is underneath.

During the cold and heating summer there is more dead skin which should be removed. This is the reason, why charcoal face mask is used to treat dead skin. When the charcoal face mask is peeled off, the dead skin which is the top layer of the face skin is also pulled out. Once the dead skin is pulled out, the skin looks bright and glowing.

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Disadvantages of Charcoal Face Masks

Nothing comes with 100% advantages and no disadvantage at all! Before we discuss the disadvantages, we know that charcoal face masks are spread on the skin and left to dry so they can peeled-off. This peeling-off is something that causes issues for the skin. Excessive use of Charcoal face masks can make your skin vulnerable to harmful effects of sun-rays and other toxin particles available in the air. Since, the cleansing opens-up the pores of the skin, it would mean your skin is now exposed more and hence the peel-off of Charcoal face masks does hamper overall health of the skin over period of time. The short-term impact if the painful peeling of the face masks and hence the skin feels itchy.

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Charcoal face masks Price & Review

This is something important!

Being a popular product in the beauty industry means you would have price to pay or availability would be issue. But with charcoal face mask, that’s not the case with all the major brands have launched their own formula of charcoal face mask. Due to high availability of the product, the prices have also gone cheaper & with multiple companies competing for their share in the profits; We now get loads of offers on face masks.

When it comes to skin care you need the best; Right? While choosing the right product for you skin, what’s the most important factor? “The product reviews.” Buying these products online from Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart or other major e-commerce companies have made it easier to leave how you have been impacted by the product. You would find hundreds of charcoal face mask reviews on these major e-commerce portals to read and decide which one to buy.

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