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BSNL Balance Check Number in 2021 [Updated]

BSNL USSD Codes: Know how to check Balance & Offer in BSNL, know BSNL Recharge codes, check BSNL codes, etc.

BSNL USSD Code for Balance Enquiry and VAS Service Detail

USSD DetailShortCode
Bsnl Balance Check Code*124#
Bsnl Main Talktime Balance & Validity Check Code*124*1#
Bsnl USSD Code to Recharge with 18 Digit Coupon Card*124*2#
Bsnl USSD Code to Check Last Call Details*124*3#
Bsnl USSD Code to Check Current Tariff Plan Detail*124*4#
Bsnl USSD Code to Check Detail about STV*124# and PRESS 5
Bsnl USSD Code to Check Detail about FNF*124# and PRESS 6
Bsnl USSD Code to know about STV*124# and PRESS 7
Bsnl Credit Talktime Loan Code*518#
Bsnl Own Mobile Number Check Code*222# | *888# | *1# | *555# |*785#
Bsnl Balance Transfer USSD Code*567*99# | *543*99#
Bsnl Caller Tune Number & USSD Code*567# | IVR No – 56700
Bsnl VAS Pack Activation USSD Code*543#
Deactivate BSNL VAS ServicesSend SMS “STOP” to 155223
BSNL Customer Care Number1503 | 1800-180-1503
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BSNL SMS Self-care Text Keyword

USSD Detail Short Code
BSNL FnF View Code <FNFVIEW> To 123
BSNL FnF Modify Code <FNFMOD> To 123
BSNL Balance Enquiry Code <BAL> To 123
BSNL Scratch Card Recharge Code <SCR> To 123
BSNL Last 5 Calls Details Code <HISTORY> To 123
BSNL Third Party Recharge Code <TPR> To 123
BSNL Bundle Enquiry Code <STVINFO> To 123
BSNL Bundle List  Code <STVHLP> To 123
BSNL Bundle Subscription Code <STVSUB> To 123
BSNL Modify Language Code <MLANG> To 123
BSNL Current Tariff Plan Code <CTP> To 123
BSNL List Tariff Plan Code <LTP> To 123
BSNL Modify Tariff Plan Code <MTP> To 123
BSNL Help Message <HELP> To 123

USSD Codes for BSNL

Ever wondered how to know BSNL USSD Codes or How to check data balance in BSNL? Well, USSD Codes for BSNL gives you instant information on the most important information like

  • BSNL Mobile Number and Validity
  • BSNL Remaining Balance Check
  • BSNL Remaining 2G/3G/4G Balance
  • BSNL Local/STD/Roaming Call Mins
  • BSNL Special Data Packages & Offers
  • BSNL Exclusive User Benefit
  • BSNL Offer check code
BSNL Balance Check Numbers
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USSD Codes Check: BSNL Offers Code, Check Balance

DetailsBSNL USSD Codes
BSNL USSD Code: BSNL FNF and Number EnquiryDial *124*6#
BSNL USSD Code: BSNL Customer Care NumberCall 1503 OR 1800-180-1503
BSNL USSD Code to Check Balance & ValidityDial *123*2#
BSNL USSD Code to Check SMS Balance & ValidityDial *123*5# OR *125#
BSNL USSD Code to Check GPRS Balance & ValidityDial *123*10#
BSNL USSD Code to Check Video Calling Balance & ValidityDial *123*9#
BSNL USSD Code to Check GPRS Pack Balance & ValidityDial *123*8#
BSNL USSD Code to Check Last Call Details & ValidityDial *102#
BSNL USSD Code to Check Voice Pack Info & ValidityDial *126#

For State Assam, North East Circle, Kolkata & West Bengal Circle:

  • Data Balance and Validity: *123*10#
  • Night Balance and Validity: *123*8#
  • SMS: ‘USAGE DATA’ to 53738
  • Onnet & offnet free minutes: *123*9#

For Maharashtra and Goa Circle:

  • Dial *112#

For Andhra Pradesh Circle:

  • Press 3 for STV submenu
  • Press 1 for STV enquiry
  • Press 1 for more details (data validity)
  • Press 1 for more details (data balance)
  • *124*2#
  • *234#
  • By dialling 123 (IVRS) it will be in subsidiary account 3

For Uttar Pradesh Circle:

  • NEW CODE is Dial *123*16#
  • Dial *123*6#

For the Tamil Nadu Circle:

  • NEW CODE – Dial *124#
  • Press 3 for STV submenu
  • Press 1 for STV enquiry
  • Press 1 for more details (data validity)
  • Press 1 for more details (data balance)
  • Dial *124*1#
  • SMS ‘DATA3G’ to 53733
  • SMS ‘DATA2G’ to 53733

For Kerala Circle:

  • *124*1# OR *124*4#

For Gujarat Circle:

  • *112#

For Karnataka Circle:

  • NEW CODE – Dial *124#
  • Press 3 for STV submenu
  • Press 1 for STV enquiry
  • Press 1 for more details (data validity)
  • Press 1 for more details (data balance)
  • Dial *123#
  • Dial *124*4#

For Rajasthan Circle:

  • NEW CODE – Dial *123#, After Reply Press 5, After Reply Press 2 to Data Balance and Validity
  • Dial *123*6#

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we Check BSNL Data Offers?

To check the BSNL data offers, simply dial the BSNL Offer Check Code *124*5#1. These BSNL offer codes display the latest applicable BSNL offers for you.

Are BSNL Net Balance Check Code, BSNL Net Balance Check Number & BSNL Net Balance Check Number different?

No. Each refer to the available data/net balance for your respective number.

Do The Balance Check Numbers Change Very Often?

Yes! They do expire, however, they usually remain the same for longer periods of time. Keep coming on back to our blog to know the latest BSNL offer code & BSNL USSD codes.

How To check your BSNL Prepaid Offers

You can either find BSNL prepaid offers online using the website, or use the BSNL Offer Checking number *124*5#1. This is the easiest way to know BSNL recharge offers.

How do we link Aadhar with BSNL Sim?

Visit the nearest BSNL store with a photocopy of your respective Aadhar Card in order to link Aadhar with BSNL Sim.

How can you get internet setting for BSNL 4G Internet?

Download the BSNL GPRS settings by sending an SMS from the phone. Type out a message with information like “Mobile Make” “Mobile Model no” and also send the message to 58355 to set up Automatic GPRS/WAP/ MMS settings. If you possess Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, then type out Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and send it to 58355. You will get a total of 3 or 4 settings that you need to save as default settings in your mobile. Enter 1111 if the mobile is asked for a PIN.

How do you take Talktime load on BSNL?

Users can also take Talktime load by typing “Credit” and sending it across to 53738. A total of Rs 10 Talktime loan will be received by the user.

How to check my own phone number on BSNL?

Using USSD code from Dialer is the best alternative to check one’s phone number on BSNL. Just Dial *222# or *1# on your phone. A pop-up will be displayed showing your phone number.

How to activate a new BSNL SIM?

To activate a new respective BSNL Sim, first put the new BSNL SIM in the phone and then dial 123. The IVRS computer prompts will always guide you to know your balance amount. After knowing the whole balance amount, the SIM can be employed for further use.

How To Check BSNL Offers For My Number?

To know how to check BSNL offers refer to the USSD Codes *124*5#1. This BSNL offer codes can be used to find the best offers you can avail of. Always check these BSNL offers all the codes to stay up to date with the latest BSNL offers for you.

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