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BigRock Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sale in 2020

Looking for good deals and discount on the Black Friday Sale 2020? Well, we are going to give you about the BigRock Black Friday deals of 2020 to provide you the best offers and services. 

This BigRock is one of the leading web hosting providers and a domain name registration company because it is giving excellent service at an affordable price.

BigRock Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers on Hosting

BigRock is one of the largest and leading web hosting providers and it is now offering great discounts on the BigRock web hosting plans on this Black Friday sales.

This Black Friday Sales is the great time to invest as you won’t get a better deal than this discount offer.

You can grab up to 80% discount on the BigRock products and services on this Black Friday deal.

  • BigRock Discount: Up to 80% off on all plan
  • Discount code: You can get the code by clicking any links on this page.
  • Discount validity: 2020-Nov 27th Friday – 30 Monday, Nov.

How to Activate These BigRock Black Friday Deals?

We provided a step by step process to give you a better understanding. Follow them to grab the offer,   

BigRock Black Friday offer 2020
  1. Click here to land on the BigRock home page.
  2. Choose a preferred hosting plan.
  3. Register with your old or new domain name.
  4. Create a new account or login to an existing account.
  5. Complete the payment.

Now you can enjoy their web hosting service.

BigRock Black Friday 2020 Plan and Pricing

You can find a lot of hosting companies in the market and that strategy will force you to buy their plans which would be with you for years without creating any impact on your website’s growth. 

Always buy a plan which fits your needs and remember that you should never pay for the resources that you won’t need.

You can get both Linux based and Windows based hosting plans from BigRock. If you are going to start a small website with small traffic you can select shared hosting plans.

Linux based shared hosting plans

BigRock Black Friday Deals 2020
Click on this image for getting these deals
Choose your target country plans only. Like if you want to target India for your business then you should select Indian Plans instead of USA plans. Because it will affect your website performance. You will get better performance than USA plans if your target country is India.

Notable points:

  • Longer the billing cycle, larger will be the discounts on the hosting plans, and vice versa.
  • Since the cloud hosting is shared hosting’s upper model, it comes under the option Shared Linux Hosting by BigRock. In the cloud your data will be stored on multiple servers but both are shared service in the cloud. 
  • It provides more plans under cloud hosting

Windows based shared hosting plans of BigRock

BigRock Black Friday windows hosting plans
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Notable points

  • Longer the billing cycle, larger will be the discounts on the hosting plans, and vice versa.

If you think that your website needs more resources then you will need VPS hosting. When you compare the hosting plan with other companies, BigRock’s VPS hosting starts at an affordable price of ₹555 per month.

Linux based VPS plans

bigrock linux vps plan
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Notable things

  • Longer the billing cycle, larger will be the discounts on the hosting plans, and vice versa.

Want to store your data for multiple servers? Then cloud hosting would be the right choice for you. 

BigRock’s Cloud hosting plans

bigrock cloud hosting plans
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Notable points:

  • Longer the billing cycle, larger will be the discounts on the hosting plans, and vice versa.
  • You will get free SSL certificate in all plans.

If you need a dedicated hosting then you will have two options to choose the Indian or American servers. 

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Indian Dedicated Server

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting For Indian users
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This Indian Servers are much costlier than the American servers but they offer quick loading time around Asia.

American dedicated server

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting For American users
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BigRock provides WordPress, CMS, and e-commerce hosting looks quite similar but they are not same.

WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress Hosting Plans
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While you can also select WordPress Suite in which you will get Sitelock & Codeguard Free.

Bigrock WordPress Hosting Plans with Sitelock and codeguard
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Get discounts on BigRock’s WordPress hosting services here.

You can also get Reseller hosting with BigRock. They have reseller hosting for both Linux and Windows. You can get discounts by clicking on the links. 

Benefits of BigRock Black Friday: Why I have to buy Bigrock Hosting?

Rock Solid security for your website

BigRock ensures all your transaction and data be secured and safe. You can also ensure customers that their data is safe.  you can protect your customer data under the production of BigRock with the 256 bit of encryption.

Affordable price with money back guarantee

BigRock has very affordable price for its web hosting. Their web hosting plans are cheaper when comparing with the other web hosting providers available in the market.

You will have the flexibility of monitoring the aspects of growing with this cheap price. They are also offer in a 30 days money back guarantee.

Customer support

BigRock provides quick and good customer service available for 24*7 for chat Support. They will call you to ask their feedback about their services, if you have any trouble you can clear through them. BigRock is a friendliest web host ever.

Provides Both Windows And Linux Based Hosting To Increase Your Option

You have the option to either base your web hosting on Linux or Windows, so you would not suffer in finding a web host that suits your device and can avoid making changes after signing up.

99.99% Uptime Ensures Bigrock’s Reliability

It ensures with the 99.99% uptime and that will make your website quicker than you imagine. They provide fast performance with their quality and high-end hardware. Through their shared services you can get 2X speed than normal. 

If you are looking for reliable, fast, and affordable web hosting services, then BigRock is the best choice for you. 

Whom BigRock hosting is for?

Trying to improve your website performance? Then you should look at this. BigRock gives you the best services under affordable price. You can go to this, if below are your need,

  • New domain registration
  • Domain transfer from old registrar to the BigRock
  • Web hosting ( shared, reseller and WordPress hosting )
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Web Building Products
  • Digital Certificates
  • Website Backup Services

Frequently asked questions on BigRock Black Friday Deals

Is BigRock Hosting good?

BigRock has been delivering its service for about nine years, most of their customers are satisfied with their service. It is acquired by the prestigious Endurance International Group.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

They offer a 30 days money back guarantee for all purchase at BigRock.

Is BigRock hosting affordable?

It made it’s name through the affordable price. They deliver a good quality service for your tight budget.

Does BigRock provide consistent customer service?

They give instant services through 24/7 Technical support through chat/phone/email.


Grab these BigRock Black Friday Deals 2020 & Cyber Monday Sale today because these offers are only valid for a particular time period, so make your decision and get a discount here. If you have any questions please let us know by commenting on the section below.

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