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Back to School : Enhance Your Online Learning Experience with Flipkart

The Coronavirus worldwide health crisis has locked us in our own home. We have to maintain social distance and stay at home as much as possible, It’s for our own good. This global pandemic doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

We are all stuck at home. The colleges and schools are closed, and nobody knows when it will reopen. The online classes are likely to continue for millions of students in this pandemic because we all know social distancing can’t be maintained with students attending the class together in person. Till then we are totally dependent on online learning and online classes to continue our studies.  Even if all this ends and the world will again be a safe place. The online class may continue and students will be allowed to school in groups for alternate days or weeks.

Online Learning Essential for Students at Home

To make the virtual learning and online classes experience better and more pleasant Flipkart has come up with the Back to School sale. Get all the online learning essentials at a big discount and best price at Flipkart. Flipkart is providing all study materials at one place from Laptops, smartphones, printers, study lamps, or basic study materials like pens, notebooks, art supplies, calculators and many more at heavy discounts and mind blowing offers.

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Best Laptop for students

Best Laptop for students

The online classes are likely to continue for millions of students for an undefined period. All the students are studying on zoom calls, google meets or their own school online learning platforms. Studying for hours on phones can be tiring and distracting for kids. They are not able to concentrate on small screens hours, It can give kids headaches or pain in the neck. To make online classes a lot more easier and pleasant for students, laptops are one of the most important things. There are many laptops available online specifically for students and their study purposes. Buy now at the best value on flipkart.

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Smart learning with Smartphones

Smart learning with Smartphones

Nowadays every kid knows how to operate a smartphone. The kids who study in primary classes from 1 to 5th love to play games on their smartphones and know how to handle it. Laptops and computers can be too tough for the smaller kids to operate and it can be boring too. The kids are familiar with mobiles and love to watch videos on smartphones, so making them learn on smartphones will be easier and they will be interested to spend their time on it. Flipkart has every range of smartphones from all of the trending brands. Get the best one for your kid and get amazing discounts.

No distractions with Headphones

No distractions with Headphones

All of us are stuck at home and it is not ending anytime soon. Kids are having their online classes and adults are busy in their work from home schedules. Just in the past few months, we all have known there are so many distractions at home. If we get so easily distracted then it must be hell lot of distractions for the kids. Headphones can be a great means to avoid them from getting distracted. Headphones or earphones will help them to focus on their classes and not getting disturbed by any other sounds. Flipkart offers different range of headphones, wireless, in ear, on ear, earphones, and many more. Choose your type and get heavy discounts on Flipkart Back to School sale.

Find the Right Printer and Monitor

Find the Right Printer and Monitor

With studying at home and virtual learning, we get so much extra work to do. All the study materials, notes, ppts, etc. are available as digital files. Some kids like to work on bigger screens and some kids are not adapted to learning on screen, so they can’t stare at the screens the whole day. We can’t put the pressure on a child to staring at a small screen or staring at the screen at all. Printers will be best to minimize the screen time and it will help in school projects and assignments. Order the best monitors and monitors at best value only on Flipkart.

Get Ready for Class with Stationary Items

Get Ready for Class

Keep belongings ready for every class. Yes, your kids are studying at home but it doesn’t mean their study needs are completely changed, they still need the basic study materials like pens, notebooks, calculators, art supplies, academic books, project essentials, and many more like this. Their basic equipment of study had never changed. Everybody knows it’s not safe to go outside and we should maintain social distance. So we should also buy these basic things from online stores. And if you also get the amazing discount then its cherry on the cake. In Flipkart Back to School Sale, get amazing offers and heavy discounts on these products.

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