How to achieve Flawless Indian Karwa Chauth Look 2023

Hey there, lovely readers! So, picture this – Karwa Chauth is just around the corner, and you’re on a mission to rock that flawless look, right? Well, fret not because I’ve got some amazing tips and tricks to help you achieve that jaw-dropping Indian Karwa Chauth look. Trust me; it’s not as complicated as it may seem. So, grab a cup of chai, sit back, and get ready to dive into the world of beauty and glamour. Let’s unlock the secrets to looking stunning this Karwa Chauth!

Pamper Yourself

A little session of pampering never hurts. Book your appointment with parlours for basic services, like manicures and pedicures. You can also go for waxing and facials with deep cleaning and moisturizing. It will help you get rid of dirt and dead skin and give you some relaxing time. Keeping in mind the COVID situation, avoid going outside, try to book an online beauty appointment, and with all the safety, enjoy the relaxing time. The salon provides many beauty packages. You can opt for one. In this Karwa Chauth, pamper your body as much as you can.

Pamper your wife on karwa chauth
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What to wear for Karwa Chauth

It always needs clarification on what to wear and what not to wear on Karwa Chauth. It is important to have an attractive Karwa Chauth Look. Usually, people go to their wedding in lehengas at night, and in the morning, they wear suits or sarees depending on what they are comfortable in. This year you can try some basic outfits and style them uniquely or differently.

1. Saree

A saree is the go-to outfit for most women, which gives elegance and royalty to the look if worn correctly. Saree is also preferred mostly as these are the symbol representing the traditions over some time. These are available in countless designs you want to prefer and different clothing materials. You can always carry a saree in different ways. You can go for normal draping and open and normal draping with closed pallu and style the saree with different blouses and tops.

saree outfit for karwa chauth
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2. Lehenga

Usually, new brides, even those with their wedding lehenga, wear them on Karwa Chauth. As it is an auspicious occasion, what’s better than styling the outfit you wore for your “D” day? You can consider your wedding lehenga and wear it for this occasion.

lehenga outfit idea
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3. Suit

Everybody loves to be in their comfort zone. Ladies, if you are thinking of carrying a heavy outfit at night, go subtle with your afternoon outfit. During the whole day, you have to sit and stand and perform the rituals for that, try wearing suits, as they are comfortable to work with. You can opt for an embodied suit with some minimalistic jewellery.

suit for Karwa Chauth
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4. Crop Top and Skirt for Karwa Chauth

You can always experiment with your looks. A crop top and skirt have been styling outfits for a long time. You can style any heavy crop with a good subtle skirt and vice versa. It can be a great styling option for new brides who want to experiment with their looks.

crop and skirt for karwa chauth
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Always accessorise your Indian Karwa Chauth look

Always add some statement jewellery as jewellery gives an edge to your looks. Add bangles and heavy earrings keeping in mind what you are wearing. Always accessorize your outfit with perfect jewellery and statements piece. Always try to match and compliment pieces with your outfit.

accessories for Karwa Chauth
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Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Karwa Chauth

We have already discussed outfits and accessories above; now, hair is important to manage. Always make sure to make out some ideas on how to style your hair. You can watch YouTube tutorials for hairstyles and how to manage hair. Make sure you have some great Pinterest-chosen hairstyles. A nice hairstyle can level up your dressing game, so ensure a good hairstyle for the day.

Karwa Chauth hairstyle
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Makeup and Easy Tricks For Karwa Chauth

Glammed up head to toe, your face is blank; everything goes bland. Make sure you apply proper makeup to give your Karwa Chauth Look an extra star. Stay moderate with the makeup; the outfit and hairstyle will do 80% of the tricks. Having a subtle base with pink flushed cheeks is a great option. Red lipsticks are a must if you wear such bold colours either nude shade will also do the work.

makeup kit for Karwa Chauth
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With eyes, you can be neutral. A brown-tone eyeshadow with a hint of golden hues will work. These are the basic colours you can apply to your eyes. The mascara and kajal will glam up the eyes. One most important thing is the highlighter. Highlighter provides a subtle glow that looks great. Apply a highlighter on your nose, cheekbones under the eyebrows, and a little bit on the forehead, and you are done. Always carve your eyebrows, as eyebrows provide structure to your face.

Minimalistic make can light up your look for the daytime, and you can go heavy as the outfit for the night. What you are going to wear will bring some more attention to your face.

Due to fasting the whole day, the face turns paler. Adding a flush of colour to your cheeks is important, so adding a blush is necessary. Always select a blush that suits your skin shade.

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