Smart Watch
PlayFit SW75 Review – Complete Buyer Guide

Advantages - According to the review, PlayFit SW75 watch have a sharp display with good sunlight legibility and great design. It is easy to use interface. It lasts for 17 days with a full charge.Drawbacks - The PlayFit SW75 watch strap quality could have been better. There is an absence of ...

PlayFit 53 Review

Advantages: According to the review, PlayFit 53 is a decent smart band. It has Rad Design, and it fits nicely in your hand. It also has a fine battery life and a simple app interface.Drawbacks: The PlayFit 53 smart band has lackluster display quality, and also the display felt small. It does ...

PlayFit 21 Review

Advantages - According to the review, PlayFit 21 band has good battery life and decent design. The band has Touch Buttom UI and It is dust and water-resistant.Drawbacks - The PlayFit 21 band has a small screen display. The band is missing custom faces and swim mode features. It also has a lack ...

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