Top 5 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter on Amazon [Buy Online]

Fingertip Pulse Oximetry is a simple test done in order to observe the level of oxygen saturation in arterial blood. It can easily be done at home through a Pulse Oximeter, which you can buy at Amazon online.Pulse Oximeter definition: A Pulse Oximeter measures the oxygen saturation of your ...

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter: How it works [COMPLETE GUIDE]

In the time of global pandemic, every person with medical illness needs extra care. Coronavirus has struck the world in the most vulnerable way. Everyday the covid19 cases are increasing and we are stuck at home for our safety. It doesn't seem to end anytime soon. There are many sick people who go ...

PlayFit SW75 Review – Complete Buyer Guide

Advantages - According to the review, PlayFit SW75 watch have a sharp display with good sunlight legibility and great design. It is easy to use interface. It lasts for 17 days with a full charge.Drawbacks - The PlayFit SW75 watch strap quality could have been better. There is an absence of ...

PlayFit 53 Review

Advantages: According to the review, PlayFit 53 is a decent smart band. It has Rad Design, and it fits nicely in your hand. It also has a fine battery life and a simple app interface.Drawbacks: The PlayFit 53 smart band has lackluster display quality, and also the display felt small. It does ...

PlayFit 21 Review

Advantages - According to the review, PlayFit 21 band has good battery life and decent design. The band has Touch Buttom UI and It is dust and water-resistant.Drawbacks - The PlayFit 21 band has a small screen display. The band is missing custom faces and swim mode features. It also has a lack ...

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