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Amazon Deals Of The Day – Latest Lightning Deals Today on Amazon.in

Amazon deals of the day contain the list of top ongoing deals from the worlds number one economic site. We update this page with top lightning deals that are valid for a limited period because lightning deals are generally applicable on limited products. Also, you can grab happy hour promotion from lightning deals widget. There are a few points that you should know before shopping on lightning deals – First, you should know is that there is a time limit and only a few quantities of product is available. Second, you should know is that if you added the product in your cart from the lightning deal and you not ordered it in time limit the price of the product will automatically change into the normal price.
Another important thing you should keep in mind that the products are so limited at such a low price that the Amazon limits the deals to at least one product per person. The product brought under lightning deals does not apply shipping or taxes. Note: After the lightning deal ends, the products rebuild themselves to their earlier prices.